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Old 01-02-2012, 01:38 PM
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RoninAmok  gives out some good pointers on growing

Originally Posted by CCrete View Post
My cloner never shuts off, all i buy is new spray tips every few months, i heard too many heat issues with the 60 and the 120 is to HUGE for my OP.

I gift out some of what i dont need and only use the best of the batch, I might not need 30 but I typically run 30 at a time and toss the wimps and keep the monsters.

It takes about 7-10 days for the ideal rooting to ocurr for my situations (4-6inch long roots).....then I empty out, fillup with fresh water, add 30ml of H2o2 and about 20ml of bleach, let it run for 24 hours, empty, fill with fresh water again, run it for 2hours, empty again and go back to normal use, I also never add anything to my cloner, just fresh water during the "working" process

And Ive built 4-5 diff types of aero cloners, they all sucked in one way or another.....the success rate was ASS, the timing was always variable.....I broke down and bought one and in 6 days I had roots, it changed my game in an instant! Im frugal and smart enough to build 1 but .....they have it figured out to perfectly

I just was out there taking my readings so I added 'em up , 186 in four trays , and I'll cut another 40 in 2 or 3 days , and you pointed out the heat problem , the pump needs to be outside.

I'll build one myself first , I can screw things up cheaper that way and maybe ascertain if it's a viable method for me without the big expense.
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Old 01-02-2012, 02:29 PM
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rockwool people!!!

you can't go wrong, don't water, don't do shit to em but mist once a day.

Remove what ever you are using to keep in the moisture in for a little longer each day and in 7-10 days plant that shit.

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

worse case, you have to remove the plastic around the RW cube due to mold/mildew, this is not an issue. Just remove and keep an eye on how dry it is.

You can dip em in water if they are really dry.

Build you DYI if you like, but I prefer nice and ez.

Also, I don't soak but for maybe an hour or so if that, sometimes 10-15 min in 5.5 water no additives and never have a problem. Sometimes rarely I'll lose one but mainly due to the clone falling out due to me drinking or smoking to much and not putting them in there correctly in the beginning

From my experience, the powder roots faster, but the gel keeps the plant healthier (no dropping leaves) for longer. You choice.
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