Dead transplants. Any feedback?

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Graperoom, May 5, 2012.

  1. Graperoom

    Graperoom Germinating

    i just transplanted some clones into some soil/compost medium this morning. 3 of them look to be dead. very limp, saggy, and just hanging down. will they come back to life? or is it a wrap? NEED HELP FAST!
  2. Stash2.0

    Stash2.0 Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    give us more info
  3. Graperoom

    Graperoom Germinating

    dead transplants

    im growing outdoor in pots. using compost, chicken manure compost, vermiculite mix for medium
  4. Stash2.0

    Stash2.0 Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    no chance of pics ?
  5. Graperoom

    Graperoom Germinating

    got pics

    i got pics. but dont know how to up load
  6. Graperoom

    Graperoom Germinating

  7. that gringo

    that gringo Young Bud of GK

    click POST REPLY...then scroll down and click MANAGE ATTACHMENTS..
  8. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    You need to upload your pics in your gallery. Look at the top of the page at the "community" drop down. Go to pictures and albums and upload the pics there. Once they are uploaded right click on them and go to properties and copy the url from there. That url is what you need to post inbetween the .
  9. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Well, with or without pictures, your clones shouldn't have wilted at all at transplant. They should be healthy and strong and standing tall. How old were the clones? Did your mix burn the roots? A simple soil would be fine for your clones to begin life. Were the clones cloned in soil or an areo type of cloner.

    If cloned in soil, are you sure you had roots? When transplanted, did you over water? There can be a lot of answers to a simple question. Were the clones cloned indoors? Did it get cold after you transplanted and the plants weren't acclimated?

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