Disc Golfer Rejects Cop's Stoner Stereotype, Refuses Vehicle Search

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    from Toke of the Town 10/16/14


    "Why is it everyone who plays Frisbee golf smokes weed?"

    While it's true that there are plenty of tokers on the disc golf greens, a bag full of frisbees is not an indication that someone smokes cannabis. Nor is it ever probable cause for a nosy cop to search your car, as this disc golfer in Iowa shows us in the video below with his smart refusal of a search despite the (rather obvious) baiting from the cop. It's a video worth watching a few times because it's exactly how the situation should have been handled:

  2. ResinRubber

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    wow...just wow....

    It goes to show cop cameras are working. Those fuckers are finally figuring out they can't do the awful shit without the risk of a 1,000,000 hit video on youtube the next day or some high $$ attorney seeking disclosure of dash cam footage.

    The University of Cambridge did a study of the Rialto, Calif, police department. They concluded that use of personal police cameras (a camera each cop wears on their person at all times) resulted in an 88% drop in complaints against officers when compared with the previous 12 months. The study also found a 60% decline in use of force incidents over the same 12 months.

    Really drives the point home when numbers like those are starting to show up.

    The cat in the video was awesome! Calm, polite, didn't say anything incriminating, held his ground without being directly confrontational. Notice how he repeated his position clearly but did not at any time directly challenge the cop's temporary authority? Really good example of how to do it.
  3. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    Yep... no doubt the driver kept his cool & handled the situation the way it should always be done. The cop played the game pretty well too. once he knew he wasn't going to get the guy to agree to a search he backed off pretty quickly & I'm sure the fact that he was being recorded helped to keep him in check. I think the police need to held just as accountable for their actions as Joe citizen is and I also think it's a shame that we need camera's to do that. It's a sad statement about law enforcement and our society as a whole... :danger:
  4. Psycho D


    I was trying to figure out how I'd respond to this on another post earlier...

    The cop's first pot related question would have irked me for sure. Dude did play it cool though. But, the reality is, if you're papers are legit and nothing is in plain sight, they can't search shit. Even if they ask you to get out of the car and you have nothing. Don't consent to search.

    Only fishing expeditions I like are on the Gulf of Mexico...

  5. ResinRubber

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    The question about toking is the hook. To the cop it's the same as asking if you've robbed any banks lately. A yes answer will most likely result in a search, whether you consent or not, since you admit breaking the law. He came back to the pot smoking repeatedly and intentionally misstated the driver's answer several times hoping to get him to inadvertently agree. Do you think for one minute if that kid had become impatient and said, "Yeah, whatever you say, but my car is clean", that a search wouldn't have taken place?

    In the eyes of a Pig looking to get an easy pot bust to go on his department DEA report that seeks more funding on the basis of those busts, admitting to an illegal act in the past is probable cause that the same illegal act is currently taking place. All observations to the contrary are of secondary importance. What's sad is many of the uptight variety citizenry will look at that video and think, "what a wonderful job that officer is doing." They won't see the steering questions or intentionally misstated replies hoping to not be corrected so he could leverage that into a Civil Rights violation.

    Fuck Ebola. We got a menace on the streets today that statistically has killed and injured far more innocent Americans than terrorists and Ebola put together. That be the cops.
  6. nippie

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    he handled it well.

    but lets be honest, the cop was right about disc golfers, lol

    I wonder what went through the cops mind after he heard he was being recorded....I'm guessing something like, fuck now I can't go through his shit and claim that I had prob cause.

    About tactics like this...one of main issues with Obama, that man can stop this shit simply by stopping the dollars from the DEA to local law enforcement.

    Because if the cops aren't getting dollars for drugs, they aint going after them. But if you were a cop and could show you have a drug problem in your community because you issue XX amount of summons a day, the Feds are going to pour money into your community to 'fight the drug epidemic'

    Mean while local joe blow cop doesn't do shit about open air heroin deals but instead focuses on easy busts like growers or young adults that smoke weed. Because once again it's all about the dollars...not actually stopping hard drugs
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    Your chuckles for today....


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