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    Well sometime in the near future I will be building a new light. Just because I'd like to expand and these lights are showing to perform very very well. For you HID guys they emit around 127lm/W.

    With the CREE 3070 there are a couple different bins. The two top bins are the most difficult to find. The best being the AB bin and the next the Z4. Then there is Z2 and YB(lowest). Z2s are still good but Z4 is what i plan on working with.

    LEDS: Look around either Mouser or digikey. Z4's run about $45-50/ea and Z2s around $40.

    example- here are the Z2 3000k diodes.

    Z4 3000k

    I will be using constant non-dimming drivers @ 1400mA

    Or.... If you want to tie in multiple lights to one driver you could use something like these Mean wells.

    and Artic alpine11 heatsinks and fans. (92mm)

    If you do individual units you will need one of each per fixture- 1. CXA 3070 1. driver 1. heatsink with fan

    If you used something like the mean well driver you could just due multiple lamps per driver but is actual more money, though you have the reassurance in the mean well name I guess.

    Doing individual means more flexibility with modules via switch board. You could even us a mix of other color temps or even mono chromes on the same heat sink to give more options for a full spectrum full cycle light.

    examples: one of SLsupras lamps.


    So to give you an idea I will be making something similar to these. So keep your eyes peeled. This will be coming in the near future.


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    Reminds me of lab when i went to Devry. Dude you should start your own light business. I know some growers....:idea:

    that is 1 led in the small "box" warm white lights you got there?
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    So tuned in to this one. :passit:

    Still haven't read that spectrum article you posted yet.
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    I've been toying with the idea of doing this for a few years now. There are some well documented grows with DIY LEDs that's I've seen and they definitely beat the pre-made stuff I have seen.

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Cool!! Just design a housing setup that can be linked together as a single unit or separated and spread out for perimeter lighting. And be looking for a good patent lawyer.:bravo:

    And if you need anyone to help with product testing during your R+D phase you know where we are.

    Be Cool, CG
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    I wish I had some knowledge in this area. I've been reading all these led threads hoping osmosis will kick in:icon_confused:
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    I hear ya there, GIT. I am still confused about all the tech details.
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    Skuny- I'm going to copy this into the LED FAQ then prune the thread of extra posts when you're done. Hope that's ok with you?


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