Effects of Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by MMJSource, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. MMJSource

    MMJSource Germinating

    What are the effects of medical marijuana?
  2. jr215

    jr215 Caged hippie

    There are different strains that can produce different effects. Some can ease pain and aid sleep. Others can give you the desire to get up and clean your house or right a book. Most will intoxicate you to some extent. Is there a particular ailment you're trying to treat?
  3. MMJSource

    MMJSource Germinating

    Good information! thanks :)
  4. ResinRubber

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    Nice ad link in your sig. Do not SPAM or enter GK solely to advertise. Link has been removed.
  5. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    I looked at that yesterday, but wasn't sure if I should kill it.
  6. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    what's medical marijuana? that's a better question...people that claim "medical" need to get off their soap box because they're just a stoners like you or I
  7. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    I take great offense to that Nip. I'm a stoner AND a very legitimate med user.
  8. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Um unless you have glaucoma, no you aint :roffl: Just like the moms that take "mother's little helper" are drug addicts, not sick people :bduh:

    To each their own, I remember having a conversation a few years back with COO over lunch and med marijuana was mentioned. He said people smoke pot just to be happy...I laughed about it and told him that's the same reason people take Zoloft

    Drugs are drugs....some just have better lobbyists
  9. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    So my using cannabis for relief of neuropathic pain due to a paralyzed (major nerve, tissue and bone damage) limb isn't med use? How do you come to that conclusion? The MS sufferers who experience extreme reductions in muscle spasm from cannabis aren't med users? What exactly does a med user look like to you?

    I didn't toke for over 20 years before I started therapeutic use as an alternative to opiates. Stonerism is simply a side benefit.
  10. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    I stand corrected...I'm a stoner
  11. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    I'm both :bong-2: It is a nice side bennie.....
  12. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    For yrs. I've taken Neurontin for neuropathy (terrible leg pain that makes it difficult/impossible to sleep). Since I started smoking again, I don't need it. MMJ is not a farce.
  13. Discorilla

    Discorilla Shining like a Discoball!

    True that! I'm a med patient for Chron's.

    MMJ helps me get hungry and digest foods!
  14. jr215

    jr215 Caged hippie

    The greatest medicines around came from plants. I take it for ptsd, pain, insomnia..... and I agree that it is definitely a med. It treats symptoms just like motrin, xanax, zoloft, neurotin, the list goes on. It must help with typing too because I'm high as a kite and I'm ripping these words out!
  15. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    Except you forgot the 'n' in Neurontin :lmao:
  16. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Hey, he said he was ripping them out. He didn't say correctly.
  17. CCrete

    CCrete Mr. Poopyfacepeepeehead

    Res got a Bob Dole arm??

  18. jr215

    jr215 Caged hippie

    Hey. When I'm that high I'm lucky if I spell my own name correctly. Good thing I can laugh at myself.
  19. Dazechain

    Dazechain Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    life is good

    ...mj is my remedy for back pain due to a congenital birth defect, (scoliosis)...also a big help with my anxiety issues...helps relieve headaches that are quite common with my scoliosis...I am better off with the use of mj as a remedy then i would be with a narcotic opiate painkiller...that said...let's make some cookies!! lol :coolbounce:
  20. Sally Wallace

    Sally Wallace New Member

    Not everybody experiences the same effects and reactions can vary depending on the type of cannabis and the way it's consumed.
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