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    General forum rules and terms of use.
    The rules are simple. We host this site, but you, the members, make it what it is. This site is for all races, colors, and ethnic backgrounds so please respect each other accordingly. We will strive to ensure everyone's right to discretion, freedom of expression, and the inalienable right to life. Which simply means we will protect your lifestyle and basic freedoms so long as they do not impede upon the basic rights of others.

    General Terms and Conditions
    Your access and use of bind you to this Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use for this site, you may not use the site or its services.

    We may modify this Agreement at any time. Any modifications made to this Agreement will be effective immediately upon posting on the site but will not be enforced retroactively. By accessing or using the website, you agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the Agreement as posted at the time of your access or use.

    Disclaimer does not endorse, condone or recommend cultivating, consuming or possessing Cannabis, Cannabis by-products, or any Drug which may be illegal in your State, Country or Jurisdiction. does not accept any Liability for damages due to Users illegal activities. This website, its operators and all content are protected by the first amendment of the U.S. constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. does not endorse, condone or recommend revealing your identity or personal information (including photos) to Users or Staff. Users posting content containing personal information do so at their own risk.

    We reserve the right to remove, block or restrict any content, (including computer accounts and web access) deemed damaging to the successful growth and operation of However, as a general rule and site policy, content will only be edited or removed from the public boards in the event of a breach of site security or the TOU.

    Privacy Policy will never ask or require any personal information from our Users, nor will we ever divulge any information that may be stored on our servers. We will make every endeavor to protect the privacy of individual members, as well as the online security of the site, but we cannot take responsibility for each and every action that is conducted here. For this reason it is imperative to understand that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. This means that you should observe a few simple rules to protect your identity and ensure your private life remains just that - private.

    Do not identify yourself in any way, shape or form on this site. This includes photographs, names, initials, telephone numbers, addresses, places of work, recreation or residence, and/or any other identifying forms of data that may be related to you, your family, friends or close acquaintances. This is simply common sense.

    Age of Use Policy
    Use of is reserved for those who have achieved the age of eighteen (18) or the age of consent in your State, Country or Jurisdiction. Users violating the Age of Use Policy will have all content removed and be banned from this site.

    Private Message Policy
    Private Messaging by nature gives the sender the assumption that their messages will remain private from public scrutiny. Therefore we expect Users to protect private content from the public view. Meaning, donot post private messages publicly under any circumstances.

    Reputation Message Policy
    Reputation levels are on public display and subject to a state of flux. So, by extension, accompanying reputation Messages are not entirely private and will not be considered as such. If one member wishes to convey a private message to another member or members, then it is suggested they use the Private Messaging system to do this to guarantee their privacy.

    Publishing Private Details Policy
    We will not tolerate Users posting private details belonging to any User which could possibly be traced or identified from without their strict permission. Due to the nature of the Content on this site, this Policy will be enforced aggressively. Users Violating the Publishing Private Details Policy will be blocked from using

    Copyrighted material
    No copyrighted material may be uploaded to without the permission of the copyright owner. This includes, but not limited to images, text, and all other types of intellectual property. Users are responsible for obtaining the necessary permission before posting any copyrighted material. If permission is granted by the copyright owner, the User must credit the owner with a link or some other appropriate type of reference. respects intellectual property rights and is committed to removing unauthorized material when it is discovered. If you believe that any of your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide Admin and the infringing User with the following information:
    A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed.
    A link to the location of the infringing material on

    Pornography Policy
    Our host as kindly allowed us to freely discuss all issues related to cultivation and the recreational use of cannabis. However, pornography laws in the U.S. and other countries are not so liberal. We therefore must enact a Pornography Policy. No User shall upload any pornographic photos, drawings, links or scans to any forum or gallery. All hard-core or offensive material will be removed when discovered. We reserve the right to define the terms "hard-core", "offensive" and "pornographic", and any (visible, but not verbal) sexually-related activity will generally be defined as such.

    Spam Policy
    No User shall post any links to marketing/referral schemes or directly market products in the public forum without expressed, written permission from Users are permitted to have a link in their Signature, provided it’s accompanied by a Referral comment. Moderators are authorized to add a Referral tag to Users Signatures. Companies and Vendors Agents are permitted to have links and comments in their Signatures. If you wish to Advertise on, please contact the Administrator.

    User Conduct Policy
    Use of is limited to adults, so there is a certain expectation that everyone will conduct themselves like adults. We ask everyone (including Staff) to conduct themselves in a civilized manner toward other Users while using Excessive offensive posts, and threads that are created to be offensive to other users will not be tolerated in any way, this includes racial slurs.
    Our Moderation Policy favors our users input and encourages the use of the Report Bad Post Feature. This can be accessed by clicking red and white icon at the top right of each post. Your report is never visible for other members to view and helps us determine when a thread or post requires intervention.

    We will strive to remain a site for our users, moderated when our users request it, but we always reserve the right to remove offensive, abusive or racist posts and threads, without user demand and within the terms of the TOU.

    Report bad post does not guarantee a thread or post will be moderated. If the offending post is light hearted in nature and not designed to antagonize, we will opt to leave the post or thread unaltered.
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