Getting back to it. Will need help shaking the rust off!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GrowKing, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Hello guys, Its been a while since I have written on a foremen about growing weed, but new laws are making it easier for us! I used to be a great grower and teacher, I knew a lot, not everything, but I knew a lot. I am rusty, as always I will post pictures if help is needed or to show off my rig, but the main drop will come after harvest. I am a university graduate, a stay at home dad, and almost nothing makes me more passionate than marijuana, specifically growing it. I Will need to learn about feminized seeds and auto flowering, leds or top grow lights. I expect to put up some your knowledge basis to the test, as well as mine. I used to specifically grow plants with the highest thc, but I have learned, there are different cannabinoids to focus on as well, I will try to find the village wizard on technical questions, and will give my years experience to help anyone, that's the best part. I am easy to talk to, am very passionate about this and happy to be here and hopefully be accepted into the family.
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    Welcome to GK. You are at the right place. We have a lot of very knowledgeable people here and will welcome your input as well.
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    Welcome to GK! lots of knowledge here and members that have been there done that it almost every way possible...with poss exception of autos, I'm not too sure on how many grow them here, but they seem easy enough, just plant them and they do there thing.

    Welcome aboard
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I have a 5x5 tent and a large 6 panel ebbnflow. The lights were recently bought at about 1k each, i have no idea how to grow using leds, but i did save a HID HPS &metal halide, but i will probably put both lights in the 5x5 tent, now it appears the hermie problem of feminized seeds has been reduced to nill, so i will try them out. I am curious to learn about autoflowering also. decided against it for this grow.

    Have a carbon filter and a fan to cool the lights and blow around the plants to strengthen them up. Budget is secondary on this one. I want this done right.
    I use the medical benefits, so i try to stay to medium or high cbd, but i like a good thc ratio too.

    Look forward to this, waiting on seeds

    Please chime in with advice anytime you would like.
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    one issue i don't see you addressing which will be a problem is cooling. putting 2k in 5x5 tent is going to be hot, super hot, you'd prob need to cool the area and possible run a dehumidifier to stop mold which makes it even hotter and other issues that come with that.

    run the mh during veg, hps in flower unless you have available amps and funds to deal with cooling, which you made need anyways when you run hps in there, just pushing air thru the bulb will help, but won't be enough in most cases. best case you are going to be in mid 80s, thats an honest best case in my opinion because tents are different than rooms which have more area to heat up before it becomes an issue.

    Honestly LED may be better in your grow because if you are going to do ebb n flo, you are going to be closer to the light, which means you are going to run even hotter depending on your height of tent, how long you veg, etc etc. you can always just use the table to sit you plans in on the floor to keep things tidy and do hempys, smart pots etc.

    but from what you are saying i would worry about heat and humidity. humidity is more so where you live though
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    i have that covered, i hope, the heat, with very strong intake holes and sucking the heat from the top while the air rushes through the plants to cool them, them gets hot and sucked out. I do have a cooltube for my hps, easy to tak that in. got me thinking though, thanks.
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    One of my lights is an led squared shaped growlight full spectrum. My other is a long 6000d by I pryramid? How’d I choose?
  9. GrowKing

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    I have an a/c in the area
  10. GrowKing

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    Large room, and I know how to get heat out one way or the other I guess
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    Cool tube will help but i dont think it would solve your issue. A 1k bulb will heat a normal size room at least 10 degrees and thats saying room is hooked to normal hvac cycling through summer. Winter you have issues because you have to seal that off so you dont get more heat coming into the room and then you can creat humidity issues and get mold which kills your crop.

    You multiply these issues when you go into a tent.

    One thing about growing is air quality, heat will make for fluffy buds, humidity will ruin them with mold. Biggest factors no one ever plans for when starting.

    Its better to run a 1k or use the other amps you were going to for lights and run portable ac dehumdifer if need be.

    You gotta to plan ahead as youll get through veg no prpblem, but 6 weeks in flower and youll start losing buds left and right.

    You also got to dump your air somewhere, just pumping it outside the tent will warm the room and add humdity....which just builds and builds and builds.

    You could look at co2 to help with heat issue vs trying to cool, thats another option
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    I do know that metal halide and hps combo is the great, and its simple to clean and charcoal the smell, I just want a newer and better system, but I really appreciate your advice. sometime the old tried and true is whats best.
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    I have to admit I feel bumbed out that my new lights won't work, but that's why I came on. Good, honest community here.
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    well nipple, I will do an HID setup with cool tubes and vent it into a charcoal fixture hidden out back. Thanks for your help. the room has a standalone ac to keep the room cool, if not ill vent it back into the room and use a humidifier? What ya think? for a 5x5 room, a 600 switchable ballast should work. I have a thread going in the beginners lounge about safety that I am trying to use to build this as safely as possible. Input there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of you! Great site!
  15. nippie

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    Your ac may help with humdity, you got to watch the floor portable ones. Some are perfect and pull moisture out the air as it cools, others its 2 different functions.

    I love 600s, would prefer to run 2 600s over a 1k anyday.

    Ill check the thread in a few
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    Thanks buddy. I want to make sure the main crop is great, the leds will be tested outside the tent area. You tha man!
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    If you get a room ac unit, get one that has two separate air tubes to and from the outside. This is hard to find, but if you pull air from inside to cool the condenser then pump it outside, that air will be replaced by air from outside which will cause it to not work very well.

    Is this a year round room? What part of the world are you in?
  18. GrowKing

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    The room already has an a/c, I am in the deep dirty south of the USA. The a/c recirculates the air.

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    I'm with Nip on the 600s when going HID!! They are more efficient and the 2 will give you a much larger footprint than the 1k. Running some CO2 at 1250 or so will let you get by with temps near 90 without problems.
    You may seriously consider going with some good LEDs eventually. Far less wattage and less heat and some folks, including myself, find shorter flowering times. Sometimes as much as a week which could give you one more crop in a years time, and who wouldn't like that.
    Nippie and the other cats here know what they're talking about and will give you sound sincere advice learned from years of experience. So you're in good hands!!!
    Be Cool, CG

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