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    One of the biggest problems seen with new members is the misinformation that they have received from people who don't know anything about marijuana cultivation. Here are some common misguided grow techniques that plague the boards from time to time, so PLEASE don't ask this in the forums. We'll know you haven't read the FAQ.

    1. Adding Cool Aid, orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, bongwater, etc... when you water your plants will NOT add color, flavor or potency to your buds.
    2. Urinating on your plants will NOT help them grow better... It will kill them.
    3. Birth control pills do NOT help produce more female plants.
    4. A woman's menstrual fluid does NOT help you produce bigger / denser buds.
    5. You can NOT accurately sex a plant by it's size.
    6. Miracle Grow soil is NOT good for growing marijuana. It will work in a pinch, but you have no control over what nutrients your plants get, and when.
    7. The roots of the marijuana plant do NOT contain any THC.
    8. Blowing pot smoke on your plants will NOT increase THC production.
    9. Hermaphrodites do NOT produce "femanized" seeds. Femanized seeds ARE from female plants that are chemically induced to produce male organs.
    10. Driving nails through the stem or trunk does NOT help plants produce more resin.
    11. Trimming off fan leaves does NOT help the plant to grow bigger buds... You are only depriving the plant of stored food / energy. If you want more light on lower bud sites, carefully tuck the fan leaves out of the way.
    12. Hanging your buds upside down to dry does NOT make the buds produce more THC. It is just easier to hang them up by their stems when drying.
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