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    Period of Use: 8 years (I change bulbs semi annually, keeping the most recent as a backup)

    Product MSDS


    Product Specs:

    Spectral Range


    Performance Spec

    Lamp Wattage: 1000

    MSRP: $129.95

    Replacement for Optimum Growth: 9-10 months

    Replacement for Average Growth 11-12 months

    Replacement for Maint. Growth 13-16 months

    Initial Lumens: 145000

    Color Temperature: 2100

    Operating Position: UNIVERSAL

    CRI: 26

    Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes

    Hot Re-Strike Time: 15 minutes

    Initial cost of the product: $109.95 can be found from advertised rates of $62.90 - $129.95

    How or where acquired?: Purchased at local hydro store, but Easily found on internet sites or your local hydro store

    Would you purchase the product again? Yes, it's the only brand bulb I run

    Would you recommend the product? Yes it is the only brand bulb I recommend. Some bulbs are cheaper, but I strongly feel this bulb pays for itself the first use many times over

    My personal opinion on this bulb it is the gold standard for all bulbs. I've used this brand exclusively for years without issues with the exception of the early days of 'E' and "Digital' Ballasts...there was some issues which were worked out years ago by Hortilux


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    Damn Nippie ya beat me here by 2 minutes.:321fu::kidding:

    But I have to agree totally!!! The Hortilux 400 and 600 are all I've ever used for 8 years as well. I've looked at the others because of the price but always walk to the register with Hortilux in hand. And now seeing some of the online prices can't imagine using anything else.

    I've never purchased bulbs online and was wondering if anyone has had any damage problems due to shipping.

    Be Cool, CG

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