how safe is online ordering? equipment & seeds

Discussion in 'DIY' started by greenthumbwhitethumb, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. greenthumbwhitethumb

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    i would like to order as much of my equipment online as i can, as we live in BFE and it would require a serious road trip to go to a grow shop. i have heard that credit cards are traceable, as well as addresses, so any suggestions?
    PS found a seed bank that you pay with cash only, does this sound risky?, any info about them?
  2. skunky

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    I've heard of THseeds but never THC seeds. I see they have videos on youtube and stuff but still that's all I know. I would go with a more reputable known breeder and seed bank, you should be able to find stickies for that. Ordering stuff online is safe, if you don't want to use a credit card a money order can usually be used. A lot of places ship things discreetly whether it be seeds or equipment. Really if you have a paypal account ebay is your friend, tons of places have discrete auctions that don't show what you have won and even display the seller as private.
  3. Joe King Park

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    TH Seeds

    skunky's Right ;

    THC ( The Hempworks Company ) / C.I.A ( Cannabis In Amsterdam )

    Originally A Hangout For Breeders From all Over The World :wink:


    THC Seeds ??????????

    Checked Greenman Forums To Rate Their Reputation ( Or Existance ) ??
  4. Joe King Park

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    Yummy ; MK Ultra Jelly Hash From The Bushdoctor

    Only 40 Euros A Gramme

    Not Too Keen On Seed Boutique

    TH Seeds Are Quality , And Worth The Money:thumbsup:

    Try And Get To That US Expo As Mentioned In The Link :wink::wink:

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    Never had the MK jelly hash but MK BHO is insane! The smell and taste are fucking ridiculous! Sweet and fruity and will make you cough up a chunk of lung. If I get around to it I'm going to pick up some bubble bags. It supposedly makes full melt clear dome. Some history about MK- Ultra. It was named after a 1950's CIA experimenting with LSD for mind control. Some people may question its heritage (OG Kush x 13) but it doesn't matter you could tell me it was made out of cat piss and std puss I'd still smoke the shit out of it. Normally I'm not an everday smoker but when I harvest MK I can't help it I'm puffing 5 times a day.

    CIVILIZED "SAMSON.... Momma fell"

    Off Course the Words "Too Safe" do not really apply to cultivators, But I think you are worrying TOO MUCH.

    What I mean to say by that is, is that ordering seeds into the U.S.A. is not or atleast does not seem to be nearly as risky as it once was.

    I have ordered seeds from 2 companies in Amsterdam last year, All my orders came Quick and as promised. At the time I did not realized the ease of obtaining clones with my medical permit. Also I was hearing that since I had taken a break in growing that the Explosion of seed companies, especially in Canada had resulted in the ability to do what we dreamed impossible while searching Kind sacks in the 80's and 90's. Obtaining quality strains and new strains within days....I am a Risky Mother F*^$*(R but it was only after countless suggestions and tips that I made the online orders Via Credit Card. The Charges showed up as a benign art purchase and from ordering to after delivery the seed company had a great "ATTITUDE" and was there for all my concerns (Clearly they know "WE" are nervous). I would feel safe ordering seeds from any company that claims "Discreet Shipping & Packaging"."

    About 3 weeks ago a cool neighbor kid (22) who loves to talk growing and I have taken under as an apprentice was asking me about seed company shipping. I figured that he must have buddies or friends who had seeds or clones but he wanted seeds and asked how you can trust them etc....Like I said Earlier..he had a great "ATTITUDE" towards growing and wanted to know all.Anyways.....I saw him yesterday....He was showing me the Feminized seeds that had already popped and growing....He got a secured Credit Card and ordered about $150 in seeds. I HAD NO CLUE HE EVEN WENT THROUGH WITH IT...They came from Europe to Cali in 5 days....The seeds that were back-ordered came safely in 10.

    BUT IT'S YOUR QUARTER!!!!???? Don't quote me.....Just saying that I have not heard of any busts lately involving seed companies delivering...but I still here stories about them busting people at the airport coming through Customs.....

  7. Joe King Park

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    G13 - Yep A Gov't Strain

    Americas's Cousin To Canada's Chemo ( U.B.C )

    Mr Nice Has Some Nice G13 X Northern Lights :thumbsup::wink:


    P.S Dinafem Rock:thumbsup:
  8. Toker2

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    I quit thinking about safe...........I just try not to be stupid.

    IMO telling anyone worries me way more than the INTERNET

    Of course I'm a moron who posted pics of my activities, ordered seed to my

    grow and uses wallflowers for odor control.:passit:
  9. luvtogrow

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    Very dangerous to order grow equipment from internet! Hurt my back bending over to pick up an hps bulb delivered to front porch. Please be very careful!!
  10. RH!

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  11. HeadCase

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    MUST HAVE A MAGNETIC BALLAST:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: - Bud
  12. CharlesGibson

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    Leave no paper trail.

    Though attitude seedbank is the best ever, and never has taken longer than 3 weeks to deliver to me.

    When buying equipment, pay cash if you can. Ordering a thousand or more dollars in nutrients may send up some red flags, as was the case in upland with the hydroshop owner who testified against a customer who purchased over 10 thousand dollars in gear. If you need to buy a lot, dont do it all at once... spread it out over a week, and over various shops.

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