How To Operate A Marijuana Clone Nursery

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    part 1 of 3






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    :thumbs-up::thumbs-up: That was very interesting there Duc, thanks dude!!

    Be Cool, CG
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    Finally watched this. Pretty fuckin' cool. Going to start using the perlite clone tray trick tomorrow. Thnx Duc
  4. CCrete

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    Go figure, I got $1,200 in EZ cloners too..
  5. skunky

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    Also, maybe negligible but still factual. Induction is not new at all, it's Tesla technology. Basically a more primitive yet more efficient fluorescent. Tesla demonstrated his which isn't a whole lot different back in 1893. That's a badass tank though! Have seen friends use 5 gallon water jugs connected as if you were making a large one of those bottle tornadoe deals as a child. They would use smaller diaphragm pumps and recirculate from the bottom back up top and let it vortex down to maintain homogenization. Like the Perlite idea put under the tray as a retention system and for the further expansion as they mentioned. I've cloned in perlite in cups, but never used it in the clone tray liner. Simple and great idea.
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    What happened to the links on this? I was just thinking, since I started using perlite, I have not used any rockwool cubes. Perlite great for clones.

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