I need a little help with my cloning

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Graperoom, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Graperoom

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    Hello peeps. I am a first time cloner. I am using 2" rockwool cubes that i pre-soaked in water with lemon juice for the PH down. i cut the clones at the right angle. Dipped them right into water. Then into "Supernatural" Root Burst powder. Then put them into the Humidity dome under the T5 lamp....... Does everything sound right so far, peeps? Now my question is {when do I take off the Humidity dome or open the sides and the top?}

    i'm hoping for a good success rate. Peace and Respect everyone!:pimp:
  2. teamster6

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    I dont do rockwool clones I think Ras does them. I would not take off the dome unless you are seeing signs of rooting out of the cubes.

  3. rasganjah

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    Sounds about right to me. Although I have never used Lemon Juice to adjust pH, I have heard of people using it to adjust their nutrient solution. I would recommend buying some inexpensive General Hydroponics pH adjuster.

    I use Rock Wool starter plugs that are about 1 1/4" tapered squares. I soak in a very, very weak nutrient solution for at least a couple hours. Shake, don't squeeze out the excess water so that the cube is moist but not saturated. I use Rootech Rooting Gel, but I have used powders with success as well. Put them under a humidity dome for at least 7-10 days before removing it. I do however go into my room a couple times each day and remove the dome for a short period of time and then mist the clones and the inside of the dome, then replace the dome. I get visible healthy roots in about 12-14 days. If your dome has air vents in it you can begin to open them up to breathe a little bit around 7 days, but if it's not maintaining enough humidity and the cuttings droop at all, close them and mist the clones to bring the humidity back up. I also like to put a layer of perlite in the bottom of my tray to help maintain humidity in the dome and keep the Rock Wool from drying out too fast. Make sure your cubes stay moist but not soaking wet and that they never get dried out at all. :passsit:
  4. bncooldude13

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    Ras, wuts your shedule after that?

    Do you later put the starter cube in a bigger cube? Or ?

    Thnx bncd.
  5. rasganjah

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    Nope I either plant the little cubes directly into soil, hempy, or net pots filled with hydroton. Saves me money and makes less trash to dispose of after each grow.
  6. MrAstro

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    I also wouldn't fuch with pH while trying to root, but that's just me.
  7. friendlyfarmer

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    Don't forget...

    I poke a hole all the way through my rock wool cubes with a sterilized nail or small allen wrench before soaking them.

    Take the cut off the plant, then sterilize a razor blade with rubbing alcohol and make the angle cut on the stem.

    If doing multiple clones, cut them all roughly the same size, and trim the tips neatly off each leaf about 1/4 of the way back each leaf. If you're going to have a crowded box, don't be shy about trimming off fan leaves with alcohol sterilized scissors.

    With the sterilized razor blade held at a right angle to the stem, gently scrape the outside skin off the stem about an inch above the cut. Only take the outermost skin off the stem.

    Handle everything with latex exam gloves (or an equivalent depending on your allergy status).

    Dip in gel/powder.

    Insert in soaked rock wool cube. Label and place in hum dome. Put a half inch of fresh PH adjusted water in the bottom of the hum dome tray. Keep temps and hum around 70-80 degrees F for two weeks and you're golden :thumbsup:

    I use plain water for the first week and the soaking, then a VERY weak nute solution week 2. I've had almost 100% success with this methodology.

    Rock it! :thumbsup:

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