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    ANYONE with an issue concerning me has the chance to get it out in the open right now. I'm not here to listen to bullshit whiners bitch about how I do things round here. I'm here to do my job (unpaid btw) the way Webby asked me to do it. If that's a problem you have two choices....take it up with Webby or leave. Your call to make. Other than that shut the **** up and stop pushing my buttons. It is what it is and that's how it will be till the big man says otherwise. There again...I refer you to the owner of the site if you have an issue with me. He's who makes the call and I will abide by his decisions. I'm done now. :animbong:
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    let me clear some stuff up real quick.

    1. this is a grow site, a place for people to share information on growing, the BS drama that goes on around her is lame. you people should get a life so you dont have to create drama to make yours interesting.

    2. do i play favorites: Yes it's my private site I do what I like. It doesn't have to be fair.

    3. are there people allowed to stay that should have been banned: Yes.

    4. are there people that have been banned for no good reason: probably, and im pretty sure there will be some if there haven't been already.

    If you don't like anything about this site. LEAVE. Why do you people stay here and complain???

    Herb does a stellar job keeping this place sane. If herb bails I will likely just take out the moderation and the smokers lounge and you people will see what **** the site can really go to. I don't give a **** about you guys and your drama, neither do the people who come here to learn how to grow. That's what this site is for. I think there is enough info in here now that I could just shut down the forum from new posts and let it sit as is. If herb leaves that may happen.

    Here it is plain and simple. If you have a problem with me or Herb, then move along. I don't even want to hear about it. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Plenty of other sites on the web so TAKE A HIKE.

    Do I sound bitter? Yeah just a tad, cause i dont have time for all this nonsese that goes on that has nothing to do with why this forum was created. and theres the fact that the only guy actually holding it together is getting attacked by the members. give me a break.
  3. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger ***Rest in Peace***

    Wow, what drama!
  4. wawona

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    Here! Here! :beerchug:

    :animbong: wa
  5. CanadianDAN

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    Im relitivly new here "under this name". Ive been browsing here for roughly a year. I agree HERBSPARKY has helped me out alot and not only that but he has to deal with all the drama like hes running a DAY CARE CENTRE.

    Way to be HERB. :ebert:
  6. Guest

    Well I like the drama as long as it is a positve experience.

    Too often our daily lives push us harder and harder to make good the hopes of the "Boss" and we lose site of being people.

    Maybe things are not fair but they can be Democratic. I would leave a site that clings to Neo-Con values.

    The World has been Raped imo.. The Peoples Minds programmed to provide an economic result.. The Bottom Line.

    I offer what I can good or bad right or wrong in the spirit of community. If by chance any of you find offence in my actions or my advice please on the spot address these things so I can have a chance to pull my head out of my ass if need be.

    As far as the site goes I'm happy.

    That Happiness is due to each and everyone of you. That you accept me and include me in the daily drama that is, as always, the reality of a message board.

    I cannot really point to any bad Webby. I would only point out that all the freaky people make the beauty of the world. keep human people.


    Oh and if you can hookers and beer....

    Oh 2

    I found this and thought it would look better than the others or give people a choice.


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  7. PutTheKnivesOn

    PutTheKnivesOn Superspartaaaaa

    Youve made me realise that the growing marijuana part of this site has grown old for me. I learnt what i wanted, and thank you all especially you webby, and i think i gave a little back. I dont come here for that part anymore. So whats the point?

    So, So long everybody, im going to nip the Gk addiction in the bud, and lurk somewhere else. :wave:

    C U!
  8. Guest


    Bye PTKO?

  9. georged5150

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    Can I have your avatar? [​IMG]
  10. greenkitty

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    Thank you Webby and Herbie for triing to make this a sane place again. I visit pretty much every day to see whats going on. Usually 2 or 3 times. There have been people on here that have really pissed me off but i ignore then or just don't come arround for a few days. We have to realize that they are just words on a screen. One thing that seems to be a big issue arround here is ego's. Who grows the biggest donkey dick bud or who's the master. I don't care who you are we can always learn something new and we all have asked a stupid question at some point. Well stupid to some. The day we quit learning is the day we die(my granddad told me that). If we could just resist the urge to come off with that smart ass comment then there would be alot less drama arround here. There are some very helpfull people on here-thanx herbie- thanks ranger-thanx for going the extra mile for me the other day. I appreciate it. Thanx to all the other very helpfull people on here. To many to list. If we were more thankfull of what we have here instead of critical of it or the people in charge of it or the people that use it then we could have our old GK back. You guys keep up the good work.
  11. HazeNHydro420

    HazeNHydro420 Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Bet it sounds real god damn nice bitching all the time  now huh? I for one would be pissed as **** if we lost this site due to a bunch of fucking complaining pussies. I come here for the grow info, which I learned EVERYTHING I know from this site and I also come here for PEACEFUL conversation. Yea I've started **** a couple times with Agrow but that **** was over what a year ago? I dropped the **** quick and easy, might have lasted a couple days, then it was done, I said no more about it. Is that so hard to do? People get so pissed over something someone TYPED from a whole entire fucking state and then run their mouths and more bitching and more bitching then Herb gets pissed cause someone throws something at him for doing his job and then Webby steps in and has to stop bullshit that should NEVER have to do and shouldn't have been going on in the first damn place. **** people, everyone said it over and over, get a fucking life and just fucking relax. I can see why so many people are leaving and getting banned cause the **** just won't quit coming. I've kept quiet about all this ever sense it's been going on which has been sense I first joined but I ignore it. Why cant the rest of you?

    Herb, I myself look up to you. You may not believe it, it may sound stupid but I honestly do. I have always had the upmost respect for you and for some reason the vibe you give off and just the impression I get about your character just makes me want to sit and chill and smoke a couple blunts with ya and discuss life. You have so much knowledge and information to give about growing and plus even thought we have different opinions on different issues I've always thought highly of you and never once said anything bad to you. I see you as a very wise and patient person and you just reach a certain point and I can understand perfectly.

    I also think highyl of Webby and appreciate him so much for this site and all it has taught me. If this site goes down then no one will have anyone to blame but theirsevles. It is not and never will be Herb nor Webbys fault for anything bad that happens to this site.

    We want peace and quit yet we still bitch about everything even after it's really fucking old but we don't want to do **** to stop or change it.

    HEY!! sounds kinda like election week...


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  12. Justcheckingitout

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    This is the thread people needed to read! I am amazed at how simple Webby made it for all to see. (Realy hits the nail right on the head) "This is a Grow site", not "As GK turns dramma club/click"...Growing is why I'm here and I owe the good C99 I'm smoking right now to this site and it's good people who helped me along the way. I don't want to get caught up in the dramma. I really think that we should chip in some $ for Herb to at least have a beer while he's doing his work around here. (He does the most work) **** if everyone just mailed in a dollar to webby, he wouldn't loose money on the site and could pay Herb in yetty feed, what ever they eat.....LOL
  13. jerseydude

    jerseydude Banned

    I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said, over & over again.

    What I do want to say is that if Herb ever leaves here because of all the %$#@&%$* nonsense going on, I will be one PISSED DUDE!!!! :box:

    Herb, please, be Eagle you are and soar above this.
  14. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    I don't plan on leaving, but I won't take the jabs at me anymore. A few around here seem to have a hardon for me and I want an end to way or the other. I'm doing my very best to leave other people alone and ask they do the same. I've made some hard choices concerning certain members and in my opinion those choices had to be made. Did I like the choices I had to make? Might suprise some of you, but no....not all the choices I make bring a smile to my face, but someone has to make the hard choices like it or not. I would LOVE to just be a member here and shoot the **** while growing some fine ganga, but I seem to be in a place I can't easily get out of. Fine by me....I'll do my part and ask the rest to follow suit. If you don't like me...that's ok. You know where the door is, but the drama needs to end here and now for the good of GK.....I think the alternative has been made clear enough for ALL the recognize.
  15. Lamont Pontoon

    Lamont Pontoon Full Flowering

    Dammit , if people drank their Kool-Aid and ate their pudding like they were told to.
  16. BelowMe

    BelowMe Excommunicated

    i was right,,,different rules for different fools.

    thats just fuckn life, and life aint never been fair.

    but hey, at least we ALL know where webbys comin from now!

    the only prob is, you let your private site go public, so its not really "YOUR PRIVATE SITE" anymore is it?
  17. mistical

    mistical Blazed and Confused

    ^^^^^^^^ theres allways one ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  18. HazeNHydro420

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    let's get high, shall we?

  19. smotpoker

    smotpoker Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    herb, man wtf.  this has been driving me up the wall.  I cant believe how nice your kief boxes turned out, and how broke i am [​IMG]  give me some time and i'll send out for one.....

    no hard feelings aight? :animbong: :LOL:
  20. nobogart

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    i would simply like to chime in here and say a big thanks to webby and herb so THANK YOU!

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