Kanger, kumiho, gentlemans Concentrate and oil pen

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    If you are in the market for something that will work well for a decent price These are the parts I use for my pen. Been using it almost 2 months and so far I'm happy. Tanks are holding up fine. No leaking. Haven't had to rebuild the coil yet but they're super cheap.

    Battery: $20 Kumiho 1300mA eGo-C twist variable voltage


    Tank(for oils): $5 Kanger EVOD glass 1.5Ω


    Replacement coils-$2.75


    Concentrate cartridge(for wax)- ~$23 Gentlemens vape V2s. Either standard or mega size. Difference is the capacity, .5g vs 1g.



    So ~$48 for a multipurpose pen that will work.

    If you want you can do what ever drip tip you want, which are just a name for the mouthpieces. I use these glass ones.


    If you need a charger I like this one. Charges quickly and flexible.


    You could source out most of that yourself if you could find them for better prices but that desert vapes place has done me well with customer service so that's who I actually purchased everything through other than the catridges from gentleman's.

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