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  1. growin like a mutha

    growin like a mutha Germinated

    Where do you get it?
  2. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger ***Rest in Peace***

    Do you mean the magnifying device, loupe?

    You can get them at lots of hobby stores that deal with jewelery and stamps.
  3. Hicountry2

    Hicountry2 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    ....or Radio Shack..
  4. Guest

    At Radio shack you can get a microscope for 9.99. It is 60x1oo power. It has a light on it and takes two AAA batteries. Part # 63-1133. Works real good for the money. If not in stock they can have it when the truck comes in. The loop that they have is only 20 power and about 32 bucks. Hope this helps.

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