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    How to LST your plants .

    Low stress training is another option besides topping or Fimming. It is to bush out your plants while also keeping them low for a height restricted growspace. Ive used Clones only for this technique.
    Once the cutting you have taken has rooted, and is starting to show new signs of growth, take the highest point and stake it down with a peg horizontally along the surface of the soil. I used plastic coated cantenary wire for this and cut it and bent it into tent pegs. As the plants main tip grows up towards the light pull out the peg and move it along bringing the tip horizontal.
    You should end up with a plant looking similar to this.

    As each new formerly lower branch takes off also stake those down and move the pegs along. You then can direct each new potential budsite to where you want so as to get an even canopy.This peg is ready to be moved along.

    These two plants are fully jogged, and the lower branches obtain the same size as the main tip, so all buds get to the same size.As you can see these are at day35 in vege mode and the highest point is only 6 inches. Almost ready to flower.

    Once you switch them to 12/12, leave the pegs in for a few more weeks, i removed them around day 14 flower, but i see no harm in leaving them for the full duration. At harvest time you should hopefully have small bushes like these, with no topping or fimming required.

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