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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by OldSmokey, May 15, 2018.

  1. OldSmokey

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    With the fancy new electric meter comes fancy new rates... And now I've got to get my usage out of the 5-8 PM window over the next two weeks. I'm in flower now, with lights on from 8A to 8P. Would it be better to have a real long night or a series of longer days to get to a 4AM to 4PM day?


  2. Herb

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    Longer night for sure. The plants need a minimum of 12 hours darkness to trigger flowering so don't give them any less than that. I had to change from running my lights during the day to running them at night due to heat issues. I just left the lights off until the new start time of the following day then began the new light schedule making sure I had given them more than 12 hours of darkness. IMO it's better to just get it over with in one shot....others may disagree but that's how I did it myself without issue.
  3. Justcheckingitout

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    I always flowered 8pm to 8am. For heat and electric cost reasons.
  4. bigbudztoo

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    we run at night as well. I did the same thing in just keeping it dark til the new cycle took over.
    Helps with the summer heat and gets a cheaper rate
  5. OldSmokey

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    I've never tried having the lights on at night; I was hesitant to run the wall AC all night long as its droning sound would be audible to the neighbors. (You can hear a pin drop around here at night.) Not so much of a problem any more, now that I'm using the mini-split. Old habits... Might be worth doing a little experimenting at the end of this cycle. Saving a bit of power on the AC and dehumidifier would be nice.

    All at once, with a long night, it is. They're only a week into flower, best not to screw with their happiness.

    Thanks, guys!
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  6. Herb

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    I run 10pm to 10am myself. I'm a night owl and don't like getting up too early these days so that schedule fits my lifestyle quite nicely. The plus is that I don't have to deal with heat and having to cool the grow room. I'm not too worried about electric rates though since I have solar. We only pay one flat rate at any hour that is cheaper than the local electric company by far. During the day, my solar is cranking out close to 6000 watts and that more than makes up for the 600w bulb I run. :sun:

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