Optimum pH for Hydroponics

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    Optimum pH for Hydroponics

    The solubility of nutrients and their availability for uptake by plants in a hydroponic system is greatly influenced by the pH of the nutrient solution. Although soil grown plants can grow successfully at relatively higher soil pH values 6.3-6.8, this is not the case in hydroponics where for nutrients to remain dissolved and suspended in the solution and therefore mobile, it is important to maintain the pH between 5.5 and 6.2 with an ideal of 5.8

    Nutrients being constantly drawn from the nutrient reservoir and nutes re-entering the rez can change the pH of the nutrient. Consequently the nutrient pH must be checked and adjusted on a regular basis and the entire solution must be changed every 2 weeks. The bigger the rez the, the easier it will be to maintain the PH.
    Keep the pH Between 5.5 and 6.2 at all times.

    If the pH is allowed to rise much above 6.0, some nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, sulphate (and the trace elements copper, iron, manganese and zinc) can precipitate thus becoming immobile and unavailable for transport by the water flow to the roots.
    The precise pH at which precipitation starts is determined by the combined concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and sulphate. To be able to take in all the nutrients there should be a drift in ph, as long as you stay within the preferred range. In a healthy system the ppm should remain stable and the ph should drift up

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