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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Cultivation' started by plastik, Sep 24, 2006.

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  2. plastik

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    check out the tomato plants ;)only ten days from seed sprouting in the bubble cloner. one has stayed small, but kept up in amount of leaf growth rather than size, the other 2 look like the same strain, and are short/stocky. the other is the largest, and tallest but the stem is slightly thinner. let them stretch in the rockwool by keeping a 40w spiral floro 6 inches above them, then planted the roots directly at the bottom, they stretched enough to poke out the top of the netcups, so there will be less chance of rootbound within the rockwool, and more aeration to the roots. the hydroton will only support the stem. PH rising quicker than usual, upto 7, but not seeing any adverse side effects so far, PH downed always to 5.8 when it drifts. added H202 just in case of any possible problems with aeration, but shouldn't be a problem since I am running a 60gallon air pump into a 5 gallon bucket. even in 6 hours you can notice new growth. all of them are beginning to sprout branch leafs. what I do is fold them open when they first appear, it helps them get light and they usually branch better/quicker because of it from what I have seen compared to the ones I do not touch. light has been on mostly 24/0, going to start 18/6 soon. they already have their smell to them which surprised me for how early it is. you can rub the leafs with your finger, and it will even overpower anything you just smoked thats smell happened to be on your fingers at the time. all in all, they are very healthy.








  3. marymaryquitecntrary

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    looks good, plastik! are you planning to grow them all in the same bucket or move them into their own buckets so they'll have plenty of room to grow?

    also, is your bucket white? if so, you should look into spray-painting it with black paint (the kind used for plastic) or covering it with light-proof tape. otherwise, the light will reach the roots and you'll have all kinds of root problems. your roots need to stay white/healthy throughout the entire grow.

    re pH fluctuation, i have found that adding the additive "diamond nectar" from GH helps to keep the pH stable. all this, in my opinion, only.

    good bubbling growing! :biggrin:
  4. cracdamac7

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    good luck

    ey man, I wish you the best of luck, and keep us updated.till this point , i've done all mine in dirt, but I am becoming very interested in doing DWC. If you dont mind, i'm gonna tag along and see what i can pick up from your ventures:punk:
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    Hey dood, you should go to the store and get some rapid rooters for the next gro-around, And you might want to look into some coco-tek inserts for those little net pots. They will help keep the hydro balls from falling thru and they will make the plant grow a little more snug in their pots.

    Just my 2 cents, But I would reccommend rapid rooters and coco-tek inserts to anyone doing DWC!!!
  6. greenthumbdanny

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    Nice jop bro:punk:

    Well said mary. I use dimond nectar in my grow as well.

    I also recomend rapid rooters Kron.
  7. plastik

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    yes, I will be moving them into their own 5gal buckets when they are big enough. I know the bucket it white, for now, I have a towel wrapped around the bucket to keep the light out. and if you are going to follow this go right ahead, but you can also view my last setup which was a 6 plant drip/bubble system. I'm going pure bubble this time, and it is giving me great results. and really, to me, light doesn't cause any problems with roots, unless you have an unclean grow area. and algae isn't really harmful (never had it either). but so far, they are doing perfectly fine, and the light leaks are taken care of. the room everything is in, has absolutely 0 light leaks. system was made for 5 plants, but i misplaced some netcups, so I could only start 4. I'll probably go perpetual on this one, setup three 5gal buckets, 5sites each, thats 15 clones. hopefully I get all female again so I don't have to throw any out. would of kept clones if I didn't move, but there was no way to transport them safely and securely.
  8. cracdamac7

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    what's the latest?

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    i've found that painting the buckets works for a while til the paint starts chipping off. so i painted the bucket first then taped over the paint with some inexpencive duct tape for insurance. has worked good for me.

    peace, CG

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