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    Sea of Green or SOG is a method of growing based on forcing many, young, MJ clones into flowering. This makes the crop look like a "Sea of Green".

    The SOG technique is considered to be a mass-production style, used to let the grower bring the time to harvest down by minimizing veg time and produce more, useable, bud. Most growers use very little veg time, a few days to a week after clone, giving them, mainly, single cola style plants.

    A quick warning though. This is a high plant count style of grow. You will quickly end up pushing the limits of state or federal law. It is very possible to exceed the federal sentencing guidelines which could give you a mandatory minimum sentence. Each plant, clone and cutting will count as a plant.

    The size of you're grow determines how many clones to take, plants to flower, ect. You can use this technique in any size space, from a cabinet, to a closet, to a room. 1 plant per square foot is good spacing for plants with a little more veg time or 4 plants per square foot for minimal veg.

    SOG is often used as a self perpetuating harvest. You choose when you want to harvest by cycling plants into flower. Harvest once a week or all at once, it's up to you.

    Here is an example of a smaller scale, single harvest SOG. Photo credit goes to Growkind member Smarmy.




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