super high me on netflix

Discussion in 'Cannabis Films/Documentaries' started by doctorvapor, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Yeah, funny flick for sure. It's a few years old now. You know that the link you posted will only work for people who have an active Netflix account right?
  3. doctorvapor

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    I do realize that. I'm sure those without netflix who are interesting in watching this movie will be able to find it without too much difficulty, I don't want to shit on Doug Benson though, I'd rather support the movie through legal means.

    On the subject, you can get Doug's new movie. "The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled" for 8 bucks on right now. Seriously, pay for it, its not some big corporation, its an independent movie that needs the support.
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    My friend is actually interviewed in that documentary, so it's pretty cool!

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