Switching from HPS to LED!? WTF?

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    I've got several LEDs and have used them for a few years now. And love them, but I've never replaced any of my 600 HPS with LED. The LEDs were added on in a separate room of their own.

    I was on line to order replacement bulbs for all the fixtures and started thinking, Fuck it, 2 of those lights are almost 10 years old and were about ready for retirement.

    So, I've decided to pull those 2 and replace them with 2 Lumigrow 650s. At least for the cooler months anyway. I won't be saving on the electric bill, but I will be getting more from what I do use.

    I flower 8 plants under those 2 HPS but think I can easily do 10 under the 2 LEDs and get more weight per plant as well. Hope so, We'll see!!

    Be Cool, CG
  2. DXE

    DXE Moderator

    As you know I did a bunch of research before making the jump....

    Basically as for number of plants - your LED usable footprint will be different (and maybe less) then your old hood or bare bulb arrangement. Look at the size of the space you were running and plan to ddo the same - I replaced 1000 watt HPS single hood (was planning on changing to 2 600 watt hoods) with 4 of the Rapid Indus fixtures - my total current draw is 800 watts for that space. My equiv output is higher than the 2 600's would have given me.

    As for number of plants - your plants will grow bushier and faster under LED - you will most likely find your doing your veg trimming to really fill out the space - resist the temptation to add more pots till you get the feel. You can ask Ducman the same question - he added when he moved to led but pulled back as yield was impacted.

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Thanks DXE, you're right, it's hard to estimate the footprint until you hang the light and see for yourself.

    I've got a walk-in closet where I run the 3 Lumigrow 325s from Oct to April or so, cause there is no AC there. I pulled the first run a couple weeks ago and was tickled shitless.

    Compared to 2 600 HPS, I got just as much weight, the buds were firmer and heavier, they finished a week sooner and used 75% of the electricity.

    I'm thinking the 650s will give me a little more coverage with more intense light and deeper penetration. We'll see!!

    Be Cool, CG
  4. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Just wish I didn't have to shut down my LED opp. Was rocking. Can't complain with under 700W pulling 2lbs or more over every 8 weeks. Guess I'll hang on to the fixtures for a bit encase things change.

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Bummer on the shut-down Skunk:wtf?:

    Nowhere near 2 lbs :thumbs-up:, but I did get 17+ ozs in just over 7 weeks. There's plenty of room for improvement. Once I get the temps under control, get the CO2 going in there and spend more time on the little details things will pick up.

    Be Cool, CG
  6. Serenity420

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    Is LED worth converting too if I'm a hps guy that was about to replace my fixtures , currently running 3 1000's , don't mean to interrupt your thread , just somin I been thinking about and was wondering, And you guys are already on the subject lol.
  7. DXE

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    Your initial investment will be relativly high bit the 50,000 hour life of the fixture, much lower electrical costs and less heat will make up for it

    How large an area or areas aremyou covering?

    I initially replaced three 1 kw fixtures in three separTe spaces - i went with a bar type fixture - rapid led indus lights - depending on your coverage area will depend on fixture counts - led fixtures are much more defined than a hooded hps
  8. Serenity420

    Serenity420 Begun Flowering

    Awesome info dxe, my flower room is 8x16 , my my three lamps prolly cover more like 4 x 12 foot print. I need about a 4x4 area from each fixtures, I was having a tough time decided if I wanna go with gravitas DE or do the LED , but ofcoarse most of the information put out there in by the manufacturers of these products so it's hard to judge , that's why fellow growers like yourself who have braved these new territories is priceless to me , so you havent seen a reduction in yield or quality ?

    Also, what brand and type of LED would be best for my situation
  9. DXE

    DXE Moderator

    Well - great question....

    As you can tell - I am extremely happy with the LED - both cost wise and yield wise. I routinely pull 3+ zips plus per plant. Actually I m pushing my plants further - many find they finish a week or so quicker so turn is better as well.

    The one gothca with LED is they are very directional - very tight footprint - especially when compared with an HPS in a hood. I have tried a couple style LED fixtures and nam now running the Indus bar style lights from Rapid LED

    http://www.rapidled.com/horticulture/ (Talk to Mike at Rapid - I am sure he will cut you a deal

    I have 20 of the 30 inch bars, I know a couple other growers running 40 and 50 Indus bars. I run my bars at 15 inch centers so your prolly looking at 8-9 of them - not cheap but a worthwhile investment considering you dont have to replace anything for years. Each 40 inch bar pulls about 240 watts of juice and runs real cool - my heatsink temps runs about 85 F.

    The Indus bars run 10 watt cree LED chips - best out there. These units are industrial strength I have attached an image so you can see how I layed them out.

    Glad to help - there is a thread under advanced cultivation called LED Lets Get Serious - lots of comparisons for footprint, heat, spectrum, wattage - well worth plowing through
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  10. Serenity420

    Serenity420 Begun Flowering

    Dude. Awesome info DXE , you just blew my mind. Love your setup!
  11. Emma2016

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    Agree with you, plants will grow bushier and faster under LED. I also use 300W mini led lights of Lightimetunnel recently, so far so good.
  12. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Did I mention I ordered some rapid indus bloom 49" lights. :chef:
  13. DXE

    DXE Moderator


    You will be very happy - My first set of Indus bars are 2 years old now and going strong absolutly no issues.

    One thing you will notice is how rugged these things are and the huge heat sink holds at around 85 degrees - not too bad.

    I space my bars 14 - 15 inches on center and slightly angle the outer bars in - maybe 1 degree.

    The 10 watt Cree LED's really make the difference - no BS color or little LED's

    Keep us posted
  14. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I am loving my rapid led lights, i will never buy anything else even thou area 51 and DIY lights are good, I am just happy with what lights I got (onyx bloom and indus light bars) The lights are the best bang for the buck and the service, They are great! Cant wait for the next 15% off sale to buy another indus bar. Oh the chunky buds, the chunky buds. For a closet grow, dwc and leds its the way to alot of chunky buds.
  15. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    the only real downside with using the Indus light bars that I've discovered is that the friggin rack of bars won't move a lick when you bang your head on them.. I swear I've cracked my head on them at least a dozen times over the past year or so.. Arggg
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  16. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I am ready for black friday and a new indus bar to hit my head on. Lol
  17. DXE

    DXE Moderator

    HeeHee Been there done that :)

    I have my bars hanging from a steel frame and all the corners are foam padded - see I do learn from experience :)
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