Taking Pictures with Radio Shack Loupe

Discussion in 'Taking Pictures With a Radio Shack Loupe' started by MellowDood, Nov 13, 2004.

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    1. cut a very small piece of leaf or bud that has lots of trikes on it.
    2. carefully place it on a stable, flat surface like a desk.
    3. stand the radio shack loupe on top of your specimen.
    4. move it around and focus as necessary.
    5. get your camera ready, preferably without flash.
    6. with one hand hold the loupe steady and with the other hand balance the camera on top of the loupe so that its lens touches the loupe's eyepiece.
    7. if you have a digital camera use the lcd screen to make sure you have a clear circle in frame.
    8. snap!


    ...the end result (after a little cropping in photoshop):

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