Treating kids migraines with CBD oil

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by Justcheckingitout, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Ok, so on a prev thread I had a discussion with Res on CBD oil for a possible treatment for my daughters migraines. She is under 12 and I dont feel good about giving her children's Motrin when she gets them because it makes her sick and 8 out of 10 times she will throw up after I give it to her. The local pharmacist says he wouldn't advise to give her that all the time either.

    Of course I take her to the pediatrician and have her checked. Blood work and check ups. They say just give her the children's Motrin when she gets the Migraines. So my plan of action is to get her a mri and what ever else I can do to see if there is a issue causing it. Kind of a second opinion. If it is hereditary like her mother used to get when she was young I want to check on maybe trying the CBD oil.

    When she comes to me and says "daddy my head hurts". Its followed by her laying down and crying because shes in pain. I would give or do anything to make it go away but if CBD oil or edibles will work, then I would gladly risk going to jail to make it go away.

    I will start reading up on the issue ahead of time and Res has gave me the name of a place that is a trusted place to get cbd oil and also suggested CBD crew seeds to grow make my own, but I will need help If I go that route. I will document everything if going that route in hopes of showing other parents.
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    Damn dude sorry to hear this. Nothing is worse than seeing your children suffer.

    I don't know squat about migraines or how to treat them. Maybe she will grow out of them? if her mother did?
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    ..... extended from other thread.

    You need a high CBD low THC plant to extract from. Making CBD oil from regular cannabis requires distillation or separation gear most home folks don't have. Got CBD Therapy from CBD Crew on order and will let you know when it comes in.
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  4. Justcheckingitout

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    I am not sure if her mother grew out of them. I need to find out.
  5. Justcheckingitout

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    Cbd therapy, is that a strain?
  6. ResinRubber

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    Yep.Cup of coffee From the hands of Shantibaba and Jaime of Resin Seeds. No better breeders in the world imho. It's out of stock for 6 months while they stabilize the pheno variation, but made a call and hopefully got my mitts on some of their original CBD Therapy seed release.

    Analysis by: Fundación CANNA
    Analysis type: cannabinoid content (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG)
    Analysis method: GC-FID
    THC: 0.35%
    CBD: 8.32%
    CBN: NF
    CBG: 0.27%

    CBD Therapy
    CBD Crew has a world first in releasing this long awaited low THC and high CBD strain. While there are rumors of seed varieties originating out of hemp strains, the CBD Therapy is solely derived from recreational high THC cannabis strains and has taken some 4 years to try stabilize with the use of science.

    Fully lab tested in both USA (The WercShop) and Europe (Fundación CANNA, Spain ) all the CBD Therapy came out all low THC high CBD and the seeds were released to the market. Now after getting a lot of great feedback from growers and medicinal users, CBD Crew noticed that not all seeds came out with very low THC, high CBD. Some closer to 5:1 even a few 2:1, so CBD Crew did an extensive new round of testing of the latest seed crop to see if the variations occurred often.

    They found that 50-75% of the CBD Therapy seeds will have very low THC, high CBD, but 25-50% could have higher THC. No seed will produce only high THC, always both CBD/ THC. Never seeds with higher THC than the CBD, but variations from 20:1 to 2:1 can occur.

    In every package, there will be one or more low THC, high CBD phenos. CBD Crew are now working on making the CBD Therapy even more stable, to make it easier or the growers and users.

    CBD Therapy will be revolutionary in treating people who do not wish to have high THC like those suffering with Dravets syndrome, MS, Crohn's , fibromyalgia, inflammation issues, anxiety / depression or Epilepsy or those who are susceptible to the psychoactive effects of THC Cannabis. While it will not be something to cure cancer on its own, it provides a seed strain that can be controlled in one’s own grow room and further in one’s extraction making to mix together to create a best suited medicine for all types of illnesses and conditions.

    We do recommend people getting the cannabis lab tested if possible. While growing indoors might up the % a little, the plants will still be very low in THC compared to other cannabis strains. WARNING: This is NOT hemp and can not be grown as hemp due to the risk of higher THC than 0.5 due to it's genetics of pure cannabis.
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    I was intrested in the CBD crue when you first told me about them. That info they have, Thats what I am talking about. They tell you what they are doing and show you the proof in the reputable testing places. I like that. And what you said about the breeders is basicly the guys that have knowledge that most people dont have. These guys are legends in the breeding game. They have got a true taste for not only giving people a good product with their other strains but wanting to get in the game to help people is priceless. I am really glad to have this info Res I truly appreciate it. I will check out some stuff from the place you mentioned in the other fourm temporarily . I want to try some out. I am on a mission here.
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    Three cheers! Go man go!

    My middle daughter has Lyme disease. Bullseye rash and all. Just breaks your heart to see them suffer.

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