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    Thread Open. This thread like our other social media threads in this subforum will be for us to post things we see on our twitter feed. Anyones welcome to post here too. Just scanning our twitter feed and while its not MJ related,i found it interesting. From @huffingtonpost . (BTW the reason we are starting to post threads here instead of smokers lounge is because smokers is private and cant be linked to our social media. Anything posted on our social media threads is content for our twitter and facebook:thumbsup:) Anyways....these drones kinda seem to be the future huh? Countries are reducing military personel quite rapidly. Obviously these are gonna be the future of warfare from above.Thoughts:ponder:

    Drone successfully Landed on aircraft carrier for 1st time.


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    11minutes well spent. A unique piece of military hardware,unmanned and dont see them coming. Pretty lethal payload they can deliver too. About 3 and a half minutes into this you start to see the devastation predator drones can cause. In some ways its a good thing cos less soldiers will die in war. But you cant help but ask yourself.....Will people enter MORE wars needlessly purely because they HAVE these and their enemy dont:ponder: Will a day come when we accept these things so much our fucking police introduce cctv versions and bullet firing versions that can chase joyriders and armed robbers? Thought provoking:bong2:

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