Way's to ensure safety in a grow room. Everyone please chime in!

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by GrowKing, Nov 29, 2017.

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    I am looking through photo's and seeing a nightmare waiting to happen on some grow room setups.

    I will start with ensuring your power cables are neatly placed and you know enough about electricity to ensure you have the correct amperage needed, keep the cords away from areas where they may get wet.
  2. GrowKing

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    I have also seen a grow room fire extinguisher that blows open if a fire breaks out. If others could chime in with their strategies that would be helpful, I am about to build and I want all the safety advice I can get.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Green Goblin

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    image.jpeg I would add:

    1- hanging all electrical from the ceiling using 1/4x2" eye bolts with a 2" ring, can be had at any hardware store

    2- all plumbing fittings with hoses should have a mechanical fitting, as in no slip-on fittings. They suck. Use crimp rings (best) or hose clamps (meh)

    3- a safe cabinet with a clasp or latching mechanismus to house all your accoutrements and supplements in the dark and cool and shit free, per the manufacturers poorly translated literature.

    3.5- hang your trimming scissors on the inside of the cabinet door

    4- have clear working space in front of and above your reservoirs and all serviceable equipment eg. Shit that fucks up.

    5- don't run plumbing behind things, not only is it not cool, it also sucks.

    6- if high security is really necessary a fingerprint activated electronic lock mechanism can be raspberry pied for less than 100 bucks, 200 if you want maglocks on the door frame

    That's about all I got...Stoney baloney

    Don't store bags of concrete, on concrete. Bad form jack :pimp:
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    Lets not forget to leave space to properly attend the garden as well.
  5. GrowKing

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    Thanks GreenGoblen, great advice.
  6. Green Goblin

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    Automatic Fire suppression systems are not incredibly reliable without routine maintenance. My experience with this comes from being responsible for these systems in large commercial buildings. If I were to have a fire suppression system of any kind it would be a simple sprinkler system with heat activated heads and a flow switch to kill the power through a relay. However such systems installed are subject to regulation and inspection, just sayin. Simply having a fire sprinkler invites inspection from code compliance jackasses with nothing better to do than ruin your day.

    Just my .02ism
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    Well, I don't have the time or knowledge to put in a sprinkler set, what about putting two extinguisher bombs?
  8. GrowKing

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    I am using a large resevior and am nervous about a leak and flood, any options anyone knows on that? Thanks in advance.
  9. Green Goblin

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    How big is the res? Is a catch basin out of the question? Is the room against an exterior wall where a drain pipe can stub through?

    Not many flood aversion ideas coming to mind other than a catch basin with a drain to outside...I did just wake up :roll:

    I've always had a crawlspace under my grow area, so floods were not a real big deal

    I like the extinguisher bomb idea except for the resulting mess. Electrical fire extinguishers are typically filled with powdered suppressant, either phosphate or sodium bicarbonate. Of course white powder all over a grow is better than a burned down house :pimp:
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    That is a great Idea, I will def do that. You are the MAN!
  11. GrowKing

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    Hello again. I am looking for the safest duct fan, rated for continuous use. Anyone have any thoughts? Variable speed would be nice. Brand name and $ would be good to know.
    I am posting it here because these fans must not burnout, or the heat may start a fire. Also, quiet would be nice. Thanks in advance.
  12. nippie

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    vortex fans are nice, most any of the major brands are good. I've never had a failure but know so who have, but pricing really depends on size and that's depends on hood and if you are pulling thru a carbon filter or using an end run carbon pass thru filter

    I wouldn't worry about ressy, I have a few that are years old, even took them outside and used them for aquaponics and they still are in great shape, and they where abused when used outside, stepped on, kicked out of the way, leaned against a fence for a few weeks, still in perfect shape.

    that being said, stick with name brand stuff, not cheap chinese knock offs.

    biggest thing in grow room safety issue power and fire, always run dedicated lines and use 20% under amps for start up surge. Honestly I think it's best to run 20 amps with 12 gauge wiring so you can have dedicated lines that you need per 1k fixture (15 amp will easily run 1 k, but I always make sure i have the power for their fans, scrubbers, pumps etc that I need on each circuit so if running multi lights you don't fuck up entire garden just part of it if you run into issue). Always have at least smoke detector and fire extinguishers on hand

    Also, anchors, double that shit up, I've had hoods fall before and fucked mass plants up because it baked the shit out of them...I'm lucky i didnt cause a fire. Now I always anchor like normal, then place a secondary anchor approx 16" from the working anchor to ensure if 1 fails, the light won't come crashing down. Anchors can fail, I'm talking a year after they are placed.
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  13. OldSmokey

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    I use a Panasonic Whisperline 6" bathroom fan. (Not suitable for variable speed.) This has a squirrel cage fan in it that runs at 1140 rpm. Very little motor noise, but the air-moving noise sounds a bit like the rumble of central air running. Last I looked it was about $160.

    The way I see it, if it was intended to be mounted in the attic above my bathroom, it should be built well enough to last without goofy things happening. So far, so good.

    Everything wears out eventually. So I have a spare. It gets a fair bit of use along with a spare carbon filter, as a room air filter when trimming and drying.

    Hey looky there... Amazon's got 'em for $135

    Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine 240 CFM In-Line Fan, 6-Inch Duct
  14. Green Goblin

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    I got this one, was looking for a backward curve blower with built in speed control(to eliminate compatibility issues)

    It's way too much for 1 hood, but I'm planning on expanding into a much larger area. A 6" would work for your setup. If you are venting your light separate from your growspace(highly recommended) a 4" will work fine for 1 hood with a 600 *** image.png with less than 30 equivalent feet of duct

    Forward curve blowers are more susceptible to static pressure issues, I like the backward curve centrifugals because they don't get dirty anywhere near as fast, duct connections are simple and they can be simply hung from a chain
  15. Justcheckingitout

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    Do a search here on the fire bomb. I remember someone posting info on it. The one they had looked good.
  16. Green Goblin

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    Refuse management, I keep a trash can with a floppy lid in the grow room for clippings and garbage. I put sticky pest strips on the inside of the lid so most anything attracted to the refuse gets stuck and tossed
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    not really safety related, but I'm surrounded by 100 years of bad construction practices and the resulting water damage

    If you cover Windows or build walls for your grow room make sure there is a vapor barrier on the warm side, otherwise water vapor that will always be in your grow room will be condensing on the coldest available surface and may cause water damage
  18. Green Goblin

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    No firebomb posts :pimp:


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