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    Figured I'd take a minute to do my due diligence to you guys and give you what info I do have on a couple of products.

    The Zema 3-in-1 pro is a pen vaporizer that is advertised to use concentrates, liquids, and dry herbs. I purchased it from gotvape.com because other friends and my self have made multiple purchases from them in the past and I got the pen on the 4th of july sale for like $50 something shipped.


    Dry chamber has horrible resistance and doesn't hit for shit. When it does it's the worst tasting combustion of your life.

    Concentrate chamber- Worked fine, for a couple of days. literally think it worked 3 total days. Called to see about that and they said it's just a consumable part that I would have to purchase more. Even the manufacturer told me the same.

    Liquid tank- The liquid tank was the only thing that worked well on this unit. Though it had a bad seal that would seep a little and also leak to the battery.

    The battery is a cheap crap small like 600mA battery.

    Do not purchase!!!! Just a waste of time and money.

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