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Transplant depth, How much stem can I bury?

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  • Transplant depth, How much stem can I bury?

    Hi All,

    I'd like to know if it's acceptable to bury the stem of a plant just about all the way to the first node when transplanting it to a larger pot. The way I figure it, every inch deeper into the dirt (or perlite, in my case) is an inch more of plant before it's too tall for the cabinet. Or am I wrong?

    Thanks, in advance,


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    You can bury them as much as you want they will sprout roots all the way along the stalk once buried.


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      Originally posted by I8ntLucky_UR View Post
      You can bury them as much as you want they will sprout roots all the way along the stalk once buried.
      Just don't bury the whole thing!

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        as a general rule

        1 third of exposed plant just like tomatoes and it's actually better to burry like that make sense to for less likely to fall over and pull the roots out


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          Originally posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
          Just don't bury the whole thing!

          That's a good one.

          But, this plant never surprises me how resilient it is and it's need to push for survival and flourish. Might be a good experiment one day to try, I'd give it even money it would break ground once again.


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            As deep as you can while making sure to leave enough growing space underneath your fresh transplant.

            i.e. Going from 3" pots to 6"pots, you would make sure you have at least 2"-3" of medium (in my case, soil mix) underneath your 3" pot cube.

            What size pots are you in and going to?

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              I intend to give Hempy pots a try, using straight perlite, in 3 gallon pots. From what I hear about Hempy having a delay before the roots reach the reservoir, I figured that getting the roots closer to the reservoir to begin with might help speed things along, in addition to allowing a couple more inches of useful height on the plants. I didn't think about the added benefit of making the rooting sturdier, but that's a good thing too.

              Sounds like a plan.

              Thank you all for your comments.



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                i used to love to bury the first branch so it was sticking half out of the ground then split it off latter and use it as another plant, but switching to hydro and improved cloning skills have made that unnecessary
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                  Bury that sucker as deep as you can up to the first node. The stalk will generate new root growth alnog the buried stem. But As JJB mentioned allow adequate new medium for for root growth. You said your using perlite... does that mean you are growing hempy? If hempy bury the plant so the longer roots are just to the ressy. Then you dont have to wait for roots to grow to it.
                  just hoping i do it right