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DWC Vs. Ebb & Flow

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  • DWC Vs. Ebb & Flow

    Ok, I've been lurking throughout the forums for years now but rarely post. Been using the hempy with no complaints, but I'm getting bored with it. Going to try a DWC o flow or an Ebb & flow (homemade) setup, just not sure which. I have a 45 gal. res thats 33" x 18.5" which I plan on flowering with. Just not sure which would be of better use, as I only have experience with the hempy or soil. It seems as though the ebb & flow setup would hold more plants than turning my tub into a DWC setup. Whats your take?? Please help me decide I'm starting to feel a little

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    Your gonna get faster growth with the dwc but you have to have so much room for the plants to grow so unless you do a scrog type setup with single colas the space would probably be about the same.



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      So DWC it is, faster growth is what i'm looking for. Which leads me to another 2 questions. How much room should I leave between plants, for growth and root development? Also would it be benificial to try a scrog on this?


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        dwc vs flood & drain

        i prefer soil for taste but dwc is not faster i have 2 growers in the same circle .mr D uses ebb& flow & mr j uses dwc they both use advanced nutrients master yield system they both compete and they take turns out doing each other and they both make about the same yield and speed .but hydro is fester than soil & i find it easy to ad & remove the flower pots from the table and two hoses is all that can leak with a multiple plant system
        i actualy am thinking about going hydro for one of my patients so i can keep up with his needs
        oh and not trying to debunk what t-6 says it is just my personal expierience


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          I grow ebb and flo. Id like to see a ebb and flo grow that would outgrow a properly setup dwc system. sorry Im not buying it. Usually they rate grow in systems in this order. The pics below are of a aeroponic cloner where the roots were allowed to grow down to the rez like in dwc. Last picture is my current ebb and flo grow at the ceiling.

          1. aeroponics
          2. dwc
          3. ebb and flo
          4. hempy
          5. soil

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            Ok maybe it was that last but i'm confused now. whats the difference between aeroponics and dwc


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              IN aeroponics the plants are usually in tubes which contain the roots and the roots are supplied nutrient by sprayers. The runnoff flows out the tubes and back to the res. The roots are not allowed to go down in to a res.

              Dwc your roots grow down into the rez for nutrient most use bubblers to ox the nutes but as you saw from the picture that cloner is actually running as a dwc because the roots have gone down into the res

              pic of aero system




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                i prefer both methods combined. ebb and flo and dwc. here is a few pics of a system i built. i used 1/4" elbows instead of drippers and flood for 3 minutes every 4 hrs. i used a 90ghp pump. the roots touched the water after about 4 weeks. they were started in 1.5" cubes.

                Pic 1- the day i put them in the system
                Pic 2- 3.5 weeks later and 1st day of flower. i tooks 1-3 cuttings off each
                Pic 3- 16 days later.

                Thats how fast u can expect them to grow. i should have set up for a SCog, but i was only growing those to sex seeds and get clones.
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                  Hell yea, those ladies are looking KICK ASS! That last pic shows some really nice growth!
                  Nice job! opcorn-2:

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                    how much air in a DWC?

                    if you are growing with a DWC system, what a good guideline for GPH of air per gallon of water? EX. 30 gal res.= 70GPH air pump used, being about two gallons of air per gallon of nutrient solution? i know more is always better, but whats adequate and whats a waste (if any)?


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                      DWC first timer here.....

                      I had incredible success with my first bubbler, wish I had the pics to share. All the way up til I put them into transition.....

                      Just a few simple mistakes I made, maybe it will save you some headache.

                      1) When they say keep the light out, they mean all of it.

                      2) Own a TDS meter and learn how to use it, introduce your nutes slow and steady. I max mine at about 800 ppm.

                      3) A piece of insulation between a cold floor and the reservoir sure didn't hurt anything.

                      4) Buy a real air pump, not an aquarium pump.

                      5) Hydrogen peroxide is your friend, pure water with and extra O molecule floating around.......flushing with peroxide saved my ass a couple times.

                      Between the battles with root rot and over fertilizing the hell out of my plants following suggested GH feedings....I still managed to pull off some pretty healthy plants that are about 3 weeks into flowering now. I am certain I cost myself some serious yield along the way but learned a ton. Most of my plants were converted over to pro-mix for safety reasons but I continue with just a few in bubblers. All of my plants start in bubblers now after seeing the incredible start in life they get. I look forward to mastering the rest of it and finishing more this way.

                      I hope any of this helps. Always happy to share some experience.

                      Good luck!

                      Bloody Pete
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                        T6 I respectfully disagree.

                        1) Aero
                        2) DWC or EnF
                        3) NFT
                        4) Hempy
                        5) Soil

                        IME, a proper EnF set up will perform on par with a proper DWC set up. Really no difference, if both are set up and used properly.

                        For pump size for DWC, I use 1 watt of pump power per gallon of solution as a baseline.
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                          Well useless If anybody else told me this I would tell them they were crazy but comming from you is a differant story.

                          I have great results from ebb and flo but nothing like the dwc grows includeing some of heaths I have seen.

                          Guess I need to concentrate on my growing ability!!



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                            I know, Im great at buildin shit
                            Lifes a garden, dig it....then..plant it, grow it, dry it....roll it up and smoke that shit!!!

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                              thanks guys gonna have to sit back with the misses and then get a lil' creative. So how many plants you think i should flower in the 33" x 18.5" space? Should i use the 6" pots or are the smaller ones ok?