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What kind of soil mix for rooted clones?

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  • What kind of soil mix for rooted clones?

    My clones are starting to show roots coming out of the rapid rooters and I am going to transplant them into plastic cups.

    They will only be in the cups for a few weeks, so do I just need a base soil like peatmoss and perlite, or do I need to mix in more nutrients like guano, castings, kelp, alfalfa, dolomite, etc?

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    When the roots are well established and into veg. your regular veg organic mix would be the route I would go. Let em veg for a few weeks to get nice and healthy prior to flowering. IMHO
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      I use the same soilless mix for the freshly rooted ladies in rapid rooters as I use throughout the entire grow. When you say "only in the cups for a few weeks" do you plan on indoors or outdoors? Your clones although freshly rooted are mature plants just a bunch smaller, so give them the same fert feeding at 1/2 or 1/3 strength that you feed your vegging plants. Here is where I swear by superthrive, it really gets the roots growing! I use soil with mycorrzia already incorporated in it but it "hooks up" with the plants roots and converts and extracts the nutrients for the plants food to grow big, stinky, multicolored, oh sorry got carried away!!!
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        cloning mix...

        My cloning method is slightly different... I use 6' pots and clone directly into seedling/cutting mix and then I transplant into regular mix after they have rooted and 'outgrown' the 6' pot. I agree that you should go ahead and put them in the good stuff. They've got roots....good to go!
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