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    How Long in general should one let your plants grow in veg. stage? I've done a couple different things myself and was just wondering if there a certain time indoors you should grow before going to 12/12?
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    veg grow

    at the beginning i vegged for 8 weeks and then flower for 8 weeks or so...until done.....

    now i veg for 5-6 weeks from clone then flower until done...8 weeks or so depending on plant type

    now with a clone you can theoretically veg until clone has legs then right into flowering...with a seed you need to wait until you get opposing leaves at least 3-4 ....

    now for me a rule of thumb is you plant will grow 2-3 times its height in flowering from the vegatative state...meaning you have a 2 ft plant will get between 4-6 ft tall....seems to be pretty accurate for me...

    so you will judge with time and experience of different plants how long you want to veg...

    hope this helps some...there are many opinions on this subject.. mine is just one...

    good luck...
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      Iv found that the get 1/2-double indoor and 2-3times the size they start flower at


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        depend upon environment availability of resources we can decide how much time we should spend for veg generally people spend 5-6 weeks. I too suggest you the same.
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          For my grows....

          From seed: 30-45 days max
          From clone: 30 days max

          All depends on the "stretch" factor though.
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