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  • growing in swamps

    its not for me guys i live in a city. but i remember someone bringing the subject up anyway who ever it was if you go on google and type in swamp tubes marijuana it might interest you

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    growing in the swamp/bog is great............... i do it every year and it wrks justr it dif, does it take a little thought and planning...well ya but so does hydro and that doesnt stop anyone. You will notiuce the first thing most of the "swamp haters" say is..........."well i never tried it but it wont wrk"///////////

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      I want to grow in a swamp and need some help

      There is no standing water but if you dig even 1'' down the hole will fill with water.....I tried last year to put a few plants in the ground and they died.

      I want to try again this year I was thinking grow bags but I don't want to have to water them everyday during the hot summer. I can visit them once a week and I would like a way of using the water that is in the ground already.

      any thoughts? grow bags sunk in the ground a few inches with some holes poked in it?


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        i been looking for this thread i read... probably year ago or more.. where these guys were growing in a swamp. i seem to recall them using chicken wire or that black erosion control stuff, making a cylinder on top of the ground, filling it with potting soil and planting in that. sorta like making a giant bucket and plating in it. but I can't find the thread.

        edit: see ResinRubber's second link below. same concept
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          There's a recent thread called "marsh land growing".

          Here's a link to another idea.

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            The simplest way I've seen is using hay bales wrapped in cotton sheets, they work in up to a foot of standing water and higher if you cross stack'em. Put your baby in as large a starter bag as you can manage and bury on top with muck. Only needs feeding a couple of times and snakes become your new B.F.F's.

            I saw this 25 years ago in Alabama and have used bales myself, old straw is best, I once used some fresh feed bales and the alfalfa did better than the pot. I grow in more civilized Upland areas now, next to the swamp.
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              I strongly think growing in the swamps this yr is going to be good. just has to.
              I am mostly using the cleared out area near swamps/bogs for the openness and water source. Just think...thats what plants need; food and light, and maybe some love.
              I feel bring to much stuff to the site is going to increase the chances of getting caught from the air.
              Planting XXX amount of plants in XXX amount of locations planted in late june and visit them weekly for feedings and groming come late OCt should be great!

              But this is mother nature and am ready to take what she dishes. Even if its not what I want. Just keep on thinking.......

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                BrownDirtWarrior is the shit if you guys haven't checked out his youtube videos do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should be an inspiration to any grower.