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Too much potash burning my plants ?

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  • Too much potash burning my plants ?

    When I made the mix for my outdoor grow in 5 gallon buckets, I put about a mugs full of potash (0-0-60) with some bone meal and what not. One of the plants is completely fried and dead. The other two are starting to show signs of this burning on the bottom leaves. I let the mix set, and watered it a few times and mixed it together over a 2 week span. I added lots of perlite and then transplanted. The two plants still alive have been in the mix longer than the dead one so I am hoping that they will turn out alright. Any nutes or anything you recommend I give them? A storm is rollin in so I am hoping that will flush it out nicely, plus I watered them good lasat night. Thanks in advance

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    your screwed.
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      I all I can think of is to transplant them to better soil and pray.


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        well that really blows, I guess Ill check on them tomorrow and if their any worse I might just find a spot to throw them in the ground. It just pisses me off that this soil mix for a 5 gal bucket calls for a drinking glass of potash, I didn't think I went over board at all.


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          Also, do you think by about 10 days gone by and no severe signs of burning they will still be okay? The plant that died was like 3-4 days after transplanting and fried up pretty quick.