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Northern lights smoke report

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  • Northern lights smoke report

    #1-Strain:> Northern Lights from Nirvana


    #3-Taste:> not a whole lot of taste to me. I found it easy and not harsh to smoke. Take two many hits and you will be stone for a long time.

    #4-Aroma:> Slight skunky smell

    High/Stone type:> body buzz and heavy in the head. Nice!

    #6-Source:> Nirvana

    #7-Price:> $27.00

    #8-Potency:> I would give it a 9 out of 10

    #9-Overall Rating:> I enjoyed growing this and would grow it again!!

    #10-Overall Description:> High flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production. The plant was easy to grow and compact buds that were suger coted at harvest time.

    #11-Would you Reccomend:> Yes

    #12-Smokers General Comments:> Great plant to grow and easy to clone . You get a large main cola if you don't top it. Topping makes for more bud sites but smaller buds that are golf ball size or a little larger.
    I will grow it again ! :droooling:
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    Thanks for the smoke report Mr.G-Bud


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      Very nice. Thanks for the info.


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        right on Mr. G/J's. I too found the NL to be super potent. And your exaclty right, huge main cola's if left untopped! trich production speaks for itself lol! great job and cheers bud
        Peace, TEX

        grown: Northern lights & sweet tooth
        currently grown: B.C. Purps / Northern Lights / skywalker / blueberry kush / god bud / god's kush / white rhino / purple lights/ purple kush/ tai lemon.
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          Nice report

          They could hold the miniature winter olympics on that nugg!

          Please don't spoil my day, I'm miles away...

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            i wanna sprinkle that on my cereal, NICE!
            Lifes a garden, dig it....then..plant it, grow it, dry it....roll it up and smoke that shit!!!

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              Northern Lights is known for not having too much of a taste -fruity, earthy or other wise. So if you have a harsh taste with NL you probably didn't flush well enough. YOU seem to be growing it right so keep it up. NL is a favorite strain around here and always will be.
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                nice smoke report mr greenjeans! Thanks so much!

                this is one of the strains i am yet to smoke or grow, but now am lookin forward to it!!!

                thanks again!


                pleasure to meet you...

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                  I love smoking NL whether it's early morning, mid afternoon or late at night. Just a great all around smoke!!!!

                  Beautiful nug Mr. G!!!!!!
                  Captain of the infamous Shwack Hammas....