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  • Strain:Pot of Gold

    Strain report:Pot of Gold
    Strain,Source: Pot of Gold (The Flying Dutchmen)
    Statistics: 4 planted= 100% germination,100% ratio> 10/10
    Growing Method: Indoor closet grow using all organic medium/nutes
    Hybrid ,F1,Black label,etc: F1 HYBRID (Flagship strain of T.F.D.)
    Light Wattage: 400w HPS & 600w HPS (with attatched heat shield to increase yield bought from )
    Avg Daytime Temp (F): 78
    Avg Nighttime Temp(F): 52
    Avg Daytime Humidity: 0
    Avg Nighttime Humidity: 0
    Finished Plant Height(ft.):3
    Avg Dry Weight(oz.):5.25 oz per plant(From optimum grow conditions) 10/10
    Potency Rating(/10):10/10
    Yield Rating:9/10
    THC rating:9/10 (Very,very resinous)
    Germination rating:100% 10/10
    Female ratio:100% (out of 3 planted) 10/10
    Grown: Indoor:Closet Grow (all organic medium and nutrients)
    Medium: Organic bio bizz soil Mixture/Perlite/Vermiculite/Dolomite
    Indica/Sativa Ratio: indica dominant(85-15)
    System: manual watering/feeding.
    # Weeks Veg: 8
    Container: 6 x 5gallon pots
    # Weeks Flower: 8 Seed/Clone: Seeds
    # Weeks Flush: 2
    Parentage/Genetics:Skunk#1(m) & Hindu Kush(f) F1 hybrid,strong afghani genetics.

    Overall Rating: 9/10

    History:Pot of Gold is a new variety offered by The Flying Dutchmen. One of the most resinous strains in The Flying Dutchmen's collection. The Real McCoy and Pot of Gold were the only two strains selected from over 500 experimental crossings. Both these strains give a new definition to the term 'high' standard, with exceptional results.
    High Times Cannabis Cup Honorable Mention - 1998
    High Times Indica Cup 3rd - 2003
    • Strain: Mainly Indica
    • Parentage: Skunk No.1 (male) & Hindu Kush (female)
    • Planting: Indoor / Outdoor
    • Flowering: 56-70 days / Oct
    • Yield: Very high (up to 600g per sq m)
    Germination Time/Techniques: Seed in glass of water 24hrs then planted in 5g pots with organic bio-bizz soil and vermiculite,perlite and dolomite.Vegged for 8 weeks,feeding water and drying then feeding bio bizz organic nutrients(bio-grow).Pistils started formation at week6.

    Growth Characteristics:
    Typical indica traits,very bushy,compact,dense inside.Strong aroma early on.Planted 3 and all 3 were female.Grew in typical parallel formation,clayxes/pistillate form weeks before ANY male signs without going 12/12.Grows fast and grows dense really quickly,responds great to water every few days and optimum doseages of nutes.

    Curing Method: Customized Plastic containers with turning device to let air in and keep air out. Jars aswell.(open half hour daily)

    LIGHTING:s and Plant Information:
    Number of Lights Used in Veg: 1
    Type of Lights Used in Veg: 400w HPS
    Number of Lights Used in Flower: 2
    Type of Lights Used in Flower: 400W HPS,600W HPS.

    What the breeder says:Compact buds that produce massive yields, also one of the most resinous strains in our variety. Pot Of Gold is one of the flagships of the Flying Dutchmen seed company. With a refined sweet Hashish flavour and an extremely potent physical stoned effect this strain will leave you stuck to your seat for hours. Good for many medicinal uses.
    A money maker, honey shaker, A true resin bomb!

    Nutrient Regime Information:
    BioBizz organic range( Bio-Grow,Bio bud bloom,Topmax Bud Booster,BioBizz foliar spray,Bio-Bizz organic mix soil.
    Used my own tried and trusted method but the bio bizz site offers feeding schedule charts as does growkind.

    Pest/Disease Information:
    none .The growroom is 100% sterilized and kept clean,etc.

    Comments on Medical Effectiveness/Symptoms Helped by usage:
    A very effective mood stabilizer. An effective sedative strain...VERY!

    General Comments and Observations:
    A remarkably compact yet dense and bushy potent plant,very highly resinous,as the seedbreeder says(its the flagship strain of the flying dutchman seeds)"its a money maker,a honey shaker a true resin bomb".The leaves are so coated in THC that they alone can make a tremendous quality of hash.

    Odour=Very strong,brush against one of these beauties and the area will be smelling of a strong hashish type resinous aroma,on average STRONG.
    Potency=very high,make sure you smoke it on your day off cos this will nail you to the floor for hours!

    Essential Info:

    THC levels HIGH(17.5%) 10/10
    Yield=MAX. 9/10
    FEMALE RATIO:4 out of 4=100% 10/10
    GERMINATION RATIO: 4 out of 4 planted=100%ratio. 10/10
    SOURCE=The Flying Dutchman Seeds Holland


    Will Hybrids be Grown from this? Yes
    Strains Crossed? Yes
    Name of Strains Crossed: POG x (fem)BIGBANG=BB
    GOLD. POG x K2=K2Gold.
    Will Seeds be Available to Public: Undecided(depends on whether they are stable strains and whether local seedshop will vedor them for me)

    Grower Comments: Very resinous and THC coated,sticky to touch and IDEAL for making good hash from the leaves as they are more resinous&THC coated than other strains

    Member strain report/comments/Advice: This strain loves a good watering then a drying out period,then feedings in between which it just soaks up,i tried not to over do it with the water,etc as advised and it worked great.The plant is very flexible for LST methods and clones perfect(100% rate) but its the type of strain that needs to be complimented with a good set of organic nutes and soil.Show this plant some love and it'll show you some lovely returns/buds.A MIND BLOWER OF A STONE.


    Picture Uploaded/Inserted:POT OF GOLD FLOWERING x 2(THC zoom)

    Below are pictures of my recent pot of gold grow as they were in flowering nearing harvest time. (I've got a lot of updating to do on my grow thread in GALLERY,lol)
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    Nice pictures, impressive.


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      Lovely Strain IMO!!!

      *TRIED and TESTED by myself too, and WoW, very nice smoke indeed....

      Not the best ive ever smoked, but sertainly a extremely very very nice and kinda all round body buzz smoke, with a sleepy effect toward the end of the upmost high from the strain, therefor, "recomended for people with sleeping problems that can or are willing to TOKE this srain of CHRON"!!!

      A One hitt wonder too IMO, it can very well be GEAT strain for sleeping dissorders....


      Peace N GREAT GROWING TheApprentice,
      RESPECT ma brotha,

      P.S, Grown to a GREAT standard indeed , by TheApprentice.....

      P.S.S, LOvely Samplers TA, reat smoke and FANTASTIC for nightime especialy!!!
      "PATIENCE is the ESSENCE to growing KIND BUD"!!!

      1: Bio-Bizz GROW
      2: Bio-Bizz BLOOM
      3: Bio-Biz Topmax
      4: Bio-Bizz Alg-A-Mic (Liquid seeweed )


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        POG is real good, haven't seen it around in a couple of years. Found one seed once, I was so bummed when it turned male as I wanted to clone it. I'm always on the look-out for it. I get insomnia at times & it does really help to doze off. Plus the flavor is nice.
        Thanks for the good info