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    I built a new clone box, wich i put 7 x 20w compact flouro's. On the lamp package, it says, each globe is 1100 lumens. That's a total of 7700 lumens. In the FAQ'S, i found a lumens calculator, but am not sure if it is correct, if i use that calculator, i come up with 10500 lumens. It says for flouro's, wattage x 75. I have 140w of compact flouro's, x 75 = 10500 lumens. Or for HPS, wattage x 100 = lumens. Is this correct? How many lumens are good for clones? My main grow hut has 1x 250HPS overhead, + 6x 20w compact flouro's for side lighting. According to the lumens calculator, thats 34000 lumens all together. Is that enough for 2 plants in a 3' x 3' x 6' high space? Full hydro. Anyone know how to calculate lumens, and how many needed for veging and flowering? I have had good results with just the 250 hps, but today added 6 compact flouro's to the walls for side lighting, my plants are to bushy, with no light getting to the lower plant, so hopefully the side lighting will help.

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    not all floros with the same wattage have the same lumens... you have you compact floros and regular floros... thats alot of bulbs to... if i went through the floro buying again, id get 2 60wt long tubes 1 hot 1 cool... for the sides. and 1 big 150 6500k compact floro at 9500 lums. for the top. the 2 60wts will help your flower at low areas...
    Im getting a 250wt hps for flowering... cause im afraid yield will be too small with only the 9500 floro


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      You have more than enough light wiseman. It's not so much how many plants, its the amount of space (although a SOG would make a difference). With only 3 plants, your fine.

      12k lumens is the minimal amount of lumens you want. There is no real maximum, but you should be putting out about 30 to 35k lumens with all those lamps.
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        Depending on the size of the clone box, 7700 lumens may be too much. Clones don't need all that light. The roots grow better in a low light environment.So if you are cramming 7 of them in a small space say2x2 then it's too much.

        The amount of lumens per square foot , for starting clones is not the same amount you would use in that space fore vegging them. I would use more like 3K lumens of light to get them roots started..But hey whatta i know


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          Thanks for the advice people. Much appreciated. Mikey84, yep, my clone box is 2x2, and i have 6 clones in there. Mabey i could just remove a few globes till they get roots.
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            you don't need that much light in a 4 square foot space...not for clones anyhow..take4 of them out for now, once the perk up nicely and new growth starts, put the other's back in ...