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Trichomes and ripeness: a point for my fellow noobs.

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  • Trichomes and ripeness: a point for my fellow noobs.

    I just want to make a point of clarification for other noobs on the issue of harvest / ripeness / reading trichs. GKrs got me through my first grow admirably and my Purple Kush is delish and super stoney, so thanks. My point is this: for every 9 posts you see telling you to read your trichs with a microscope or a jewelers loupe waiting for amber trichs it is easy to miss the one post that warns that not all plants will produce trichs that become amber. I saw a post here recently where a guy waited until way after the point of perfection (there were pictures of the buds and they were obviously past prime) for harvest because he was waiting for amber trichs. I, too, was waiting for amber trichs and the best I could do was milky. Intuitivlely and with the lots of reading I decided to harvest mine anyway between 10.5-11.5 weeks. Since I killed the cuttings that I took from these plants (another story) I am trying to re-veg them. The buds still on the plants are now 16+ weeks old and still no amber trichs (the buds look like hell btw, except those that are obviously growing anew. I'll let you know if they ever get amber, but the buds are clearly way past prime, so be careful.

    Now guys and gals I know one grow does not make me the master so please feel free to tell me I'm full of shit and wrong if I am or if there is some other factor at play in my non-ambering trichs.

    On another note, can I just say how happy it makes me to sit down to a nice plump bowl of weed that I grew sprinkled with a little kief that I made from the weed that I grew and just get wrecked in three tokes? Its magical, really it is.


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    I DID NOT KNOW THIS...Thank you very much for the general information tidbit...good timing too because my friend just cut his cindy 99 down and its dry...checked it out with my 60-100X microscope, and every SINGLE CST i saw was milky, none clear, none amber...thought this was odd, but was gonna tell him he shoulda waited longer...but maybe since all were milky then that's just how they get...too improbable for ALL to be milky and none amber...anyways...THANKS!
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      Good observations Sid, nice tidbit
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        Good thread! Plz chime in veterans and add any wisdom you can!! I am in week 6 of flowering and had all intensions on waiting for a good amber ratio to harvest but this makes me wonder??? How often are plants ready to harvest at week 8 and how often do they take longer? Week 10!! OUCH MAN! Was hoping to harvest at week 8ish. I know that Sativa takes longer but will you guys plz check out my pics? My plants are from the dreaded bag seed as this was a test run for me but they look very much like Indica? This pics were taken about 2 weeks ago at around week 4 of flowering! I am starting to see some orange in the hairs and wondering now if I should just harvest going by those? Got myself a pocket micro and the trichs are very clear! I have 2 weeks left according to the Fox Farms Feeding Schedule which is based on an 8 week flowering period. Going to take some more pics tomorrow which will be week 6 exactly.


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          If you let any plant go 10 weeks do you think it could be over done? or not ripe enough?
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            Great post. I am in week 11 and still just a few amber and the rest milky and I have decided to chop in 2 days and revegg. Shaitland said it looked ready and others differed. But without knowing the strain its anybodies guess unless you can see it in person. I was posting today on it one last time planning on cutting. Ill just hijack this post. LOL


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                And I just unhijack the post..
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