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Flowering stage,Hairs Burning

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  • Flowering stage,Hairs Burning

    sup GK, first time poster here.

    i got a MJ plant in a decent sized pot, i have it growing outside in about 6-8 hours of sunlight aday. and it beening throwing hairs for the past 2weeks, i notice that the white hairs are turning brown, as if there burning up, but it aint a Big bud yet, the hairs are barely showing, i see no progress since the hairs looked burnt, the sun tempreture in my area isnt that hot right now, but it will be soon, in the 105's plus. what should i do, less sun light? and tips i can improvise with?

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    im not growing any hairs and the ones i have are going from brown to white (on my head i mean), send me the plant, or a nice size bud, i will give you a dignose as soon as i get it.
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      The only time my hairs have turned brown is after they got pollinated. Any males around? Check plant to see if it hermied. Maybe its going from flowering to the veg stage. Those are some resons why they may turn brown.


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        Sounds like they're not getting enough water. If you're not touching them, there's no males, and they haven't finished flowering....sounds like they're drying out too much between waterings.
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          I think we need a picture.
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            The fact that your plants only get 6-8 hours of light a day isn't good. Honestly I think you need to figure some things out first. You for sure won't see any BIG buds with that little amount of light.