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drooping stems.

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  • drooping stems.

    I just got a new 400 watt HPS to replace my 3200 lumen fluorescent. Its only been on for about 3 days, and the leaves starting curling inwards (i read it was just stress, they seem to be doing better now) but now the stems (branches) are drooping and i have no idea why. 24/0 light. good nutrition soil with compost, and an oscilating fan. lamp is about 1.5 feet away from my tallest plant ( 9" ) if that helps. thanks. peace

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    try giving them some time to rest .. drop your lamp time to 18/6 ...


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      24/0 is along time to have them under the hps. Totally different from flourescents. I assume you have the hps further away from the plant than you did the flos? Like smokeabud says, I like to give the plants a chance to rest with 18/6 light during veg.

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        I'd be curious to know whether or not the plant was recently watered, as well as the size of the pots your girls are in. When they're thirsty, they droop;when they're freshly watered, they'll droop as well. A recent transplant (with fresh watering) will also cause the leaves to droop <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>temporarily</span>.... If you're in the middle of your watering cycle and the leaves are drooping (mostly at the top),your plant could also be rootbound (pot too small). If the plant is 9&quot; tall, I would guess that it's still in a small starter pot (or styrofoam cup) because she's so young... If so, I would consider repotting to a larger pot.
        I also would consider dropping to an 18/6 schedule
        (let the plants/light rest), but do not think that is the source of your problem. Hope this was helpful.
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          The plant will experience some changes when you go from 3200 lumens to upwards of 50,000 with the 400 HPS. Same thing happens when people drag plants from 400 watt hids to the full sun outdoors, they get burnt.

          While it may have caused a little stretching I would have started the 400 off around 2-3 feet away and gradually work up to 12-18&quot; after about a week.


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            Well ... it's a lot hotter than b4....

            Prolly the thing.. how is the air moving? Is the light cooled what are your temps?

            prolly heat and light stress like these guys said.



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              I am also getting a Hps, actually just ordered it a few days ago. I am only using the Hps for a bloom room and the rest of my plants will remain vegging under fluro's. Can I change a budding plant from florescent to 400W HPS?Should I take the same precautions as prescribed above.

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                Yup, you can, but to minimise stress keep the hps at distance and drop it closer to the plants gradually over a couple of days.
                I found they do get a little stressed going from fluro vege to hps flower, but they get over it
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                  <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE"> found they do get a little stressed going from fluro vege to hps flower, but they get over it</div>

                  Knives..if i've learned ANYTHING from you it's that these plants can take abeating and keep on goin'. Matter of fact...I think they like it sometimes.