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Metal Halide vs. HPS

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  • Metal Halide vs. HPS

    I've heard they have benefits for different stages of growing. For instance one would be better for vegetative stages and one is better for flowering stages. I'm sure this is explained in here somewhere but for the life of me I cant seem to find where. So could someone please just give me a short answer on which would be better. Thanks!

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    I'm a noob

    So I'm going to shAre what I know. Mh lighting is better suited for the begging stage of a plant where as a hps light would better for the flowering stage of a plant. It all has to do with the light spectrum and blues and reds and how they promote healthy growth on a plant depending on what type of lighting it needs. Just my two cents. Peace
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      yes MH is in the blue side of the spectrum and HPS is in the yellow/red showing pink light somtimes pending on the bulb. Light is rated in lumens for output and Kelvin is the scale for the light spectrum itself. If you look at home depot or another large hardware store in the light bulb section the CFL or twisted floro bulbs come in the widest variety of "colors" meaning 6500k bulbs down to 2500K and varying other points.
      Now that we have basic lighting out of the way. You said that one is better or best for one another. This is kinda true the MH is better suited for the veg state but at the same time what is truly best for plants as a whole is to mix the light spectrum try to recreate the sun. Sunlight is all over the spectrum. I run mixed spectrum from clone to flower. t5's and cfl's both mixed up with 6500k and 2500k bulbs. Then in the flower i run a mh and a hps side by side. IMO i feel that trying to recreate the sun by giving the plant a fuller spectrum of light is necessary to get the best production out of buds. The THC production the structure and density. At the same time i have used an HPS with decent results to grow from seed to harvest... DSP
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        I veg with 2 1000w mh bulbs and flower with 2 hps same wattage.

        Far as I can see hard to beat the mh for vegging. hps makes them stretch too much while they are vegging. If you are running smaller lamps in the 400w range and want to try a different bulb the cmh bulbs are showing great results on some of the grow reports. They dont make this bulb in the higher wattage 1000 range.

        I have never tried running mh and hps at the same time. Only upgrade I would like to try is the Sulfer Plazma lighting.