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Heat Resistant Strains?

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  • Heat Resistant Strains?

    Gonna keep it simple... it gets pretty hot here, and even though i have a a/c unit in my 10x10 grow area,... i have a problem sometimes with power when the weather gets nasty. im just curious to wether or not there are any heat resistant strains out there.

    i checked out mandala seeds, but i guess there not selling online again until january 1st 2011 (gayyyy). the only plant that i could find was hashberry. does anyone know of any others.

    im on my first grow right now with bagseed, using a 400w mh so something beginner friendly would be ideal. high yield would obviously be the next preference. thx fellow gk'ers

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    Indicas come from more desert type environments.....


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      Originally posted by Cannagirl
      Indicas come from more desert type environments.....
      indicas fuck your head up, real good too otleaf-3:

      Originally posted by asstastic
      im on my first grow right now with bagseed, using a 400w mh so something beginner friendly would be ideal. high yield would obviously be the next preference. thx fellow gk'ers
      veg under a shop light, for now, i have a 2 mothers, and clones under a 28x2watt 4 foot T8 shop light, and they GROW...let me put it this way....i STILL havent got any clones to live yet, (but i have two unconfirmed live ones though!!) and i am no where near running out of clone branches...24 hours a day, no heat, an american flag is my light trap, and most of it sits right on the light, dude, i got NO heat worries, (i flower under T5's, in the same bathroom as i mom, and veg turn on the exhaust fan that came with the apartment,cuz, well it is a bathroom, building code requires they vent to the outside, so, i'm golden.) my humidity stays @40%-60%, temps stay around 73-75 depending.

      if you are worried about power, (your crop will hermi, if the power goes out at the wrong stage of flowering,anyway, but) you can get the honda setup that starts itself when the power goes out...but that is a few grand, i think

      i hope, but doubt i have been of any help (i dont know anything about MH)
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      thank you.


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        nah guys..

        indicas only grow in desert environment south of the equator...on venus.

        sativas are the desert growers. noted by the slender leaves, smaller buds, and a higher tendancy to stretch.

        indicas are more suited to tropical environments, larger leaves, smaller bushier plants.

        i understand what ur trying to do, but really ur better off striving to be capable of controlling ur environment rather than searching for a strain that will handle an unhappy growspace.

        if i had 3 spoons and a bulldozer, i could eat some soup.
        read every post in the faq ull need to eventually so might as well get it overwith that way ull know what to expect and be prepared for the oopss that come on every single first grow since the dawn of time/miracle grow is composed of slow release chemical nutrients,as the plant starts flowering its need for N drops and need for P increases but the nutes available in the soil remain high in N and low in P and ur plant dies = N Burn

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          You need to go LED ,i am starting to hear good reports about it.Go sativa with fewer plants and good air flow.Mine got up to around 32 c or i think 90 f at times in summer which is getting high,but as long as you have good airflow your ok.These things are tough ,have you seen some of the places it grows ,sometimes over 50 c .good luck


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            Last year I grew out by my pool in the lawn. It gets up to 110 in the summer here. I had a couple Big Bud and a few Northern Lights. They didn't grow to potential but lasted all summer with nothing but water. Got about 1/2 pound off of each.
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