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    This was posted in the pest and plant problems but i want to go ahead and post it here because i feel it may get more looks by the folks who really need it more. Me, like most, have at least a few grows under their belts; but up to this point i have not diagnosed this specific problem correctly...and i imagine if it were to go the whole grow unoticed it would absolutely effect the look and harvest of your plant.

    I like wind. It aids in a lot of factors such as circulation, pest control, and heat distribution. I had not really thought about what too much wind can/would do. This is a good read (the link) if anyone wants to clear anything up with some good pictures.

    I wanted to clear this up as i JUST cleared it up with myself. OK, so my plants have been looking a little weird. I have not seen ANY bugs. There is NO yellowing. Just some specs of chlorophyll taken out of my leaves...some curling around the edges...(slightly)...anyway, i was kinda stumped. I had not fed ANY nutes soil is taking care of it all...there are NO burnt edges of my plants. So essentially these plants look fucking great with the exception of some of them, on the older leaves, have these weird off-color spots.

    I just got a new tower fan...and it moves the whole canopy sufficiently...and the ones close to it receive a decent bit of wind...but nothing that turns over the leaf on the undersides or anything...but it does consistently move them without giving them much rest.

    I do this as a preventative measure to spider mites...along with having great air circulation...anyways...

    Its wind burn..and i guarantee others have had the problem and have passed it off as something else. I just found some REALLY great pics of wind burn and the guy has a good story that pretty much only leads me to wind burn, as some of my leaves look identical. Too much wind and the leaves just dry up! Wind burns (minor to moderate) always seem to affect the older/larger leaves first. I guess because they have so much surface area, moisture, more stomata, and are unprotected from other leaves like the tiny budding spots. LINK FIXED
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    Your link is dead.

    I have experienced wind burn. Too much wind and the plant transpires too much moisture through it's leaves and dries out resulting in wind burn.