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    We recently purchased a product called 'Physan 20; which is a fungicide. We also purchased a CO2 agent called 'Supernatural Excellofizz'. My question is 1) Will this product harm our plants or us? 2) Do recommend something else? We recently started flowering when we added these products and aren't sure if they are going into shock. Since we added these products, a few of our plants have started to get droopy and appear to by dying. Please help! Thanks.

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    How old are your plants? Why are you using a fungicide on them? Read the WHMIS labels to find out if they are harmful to you, or your plants. Excellofizz sounds just like alkaseltzer tablets, these may be bad for your plants as the "alka" means alkaline, which means the opposite of acid, which means base. This could mean that you're throwing the ph off if you are putting this product into your soil. Realistically, if you wanted to add CO2 that bad, you could just throw some vinegar and baking soda into a jar/grow yeast in jars.
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      Excellofizz doesn't go in the soil.

      It is a CO2 enhancement tub. Using some sort of brick thing (dry ice maybe) and water and a bucket.

      I'll be ordering one up in a couple weeks to see if there is any difference.