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keeping a plant alive after harvest

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  • keeping a plant alive after harvest

    hi all,

    I'm a newbie here looking for some advice.

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    You can harvest, leave some buds & leaves on and re-veg, but almost no one does. Here's why:
    Switching back to veg takes 2--4 weeks.
    It stresses out the plant to the max.
    Some plants don't survive the switch, others go into this kind of 'suspeneded animation' thing.
    It's much better to takes clones.


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      Ranger: Can you take clones from a plant before you harvest?
      The more you know...The bigger they grow!


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        You can, and there's nothing stopping you, but it's better to take clones during veg rather than the flowering period for better rates of success. Clones taking during the first 2 weeks of flowering will still give you good results, although after that, survival rates drop as the plant starts to put on the bud. This doesn't mean that you can't clone from a flowering plant, only you're making things twice as hard for the clones, as they will have to revert back into veg, aswell as produce roots.

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          Got it....Thanks,

          If I get more than 3 females, I'm going to keep one for cloning set aside, and not put it into flower....
          The more you know...The bigger they grow!


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            Thanks, Guys. I will pick up some rooting hormone today and take some clones from the lower secondary growths today. I guess eventually I'm going to have to get a second light to keep the clones on the right scedule of vegging while the first generation are flowering. I know this is not optimal but I guess I will be putting the clones in the window for natural light for awhile, until I can figure out how/where I can put the second light.

            Thanks again! Your input is always greatly appreciated.



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              Hope your flower booth can handle the 4 footers... they will double (possibly triple) in height when you turn that 1000watter to 12/12. s far as a new light goes...You can always clear a spot off of a shelf (I use a work bench) and setup two shoplite fixtures with flo's that give you a total of 160 watts to cover a 3ft deep X 4ft wide X 4ft tall area for clones veg....Take plenty of clones & in no time you can perpetual harvest multiple plants depending on your flower booth size.I keep 9 or 10 plants in there at all times (5 in 3 gal containers & 5 in 1 gal containers) as you repot the 3's to 5's....take a clone to replace her & put your clone chamber up on boxes to be as close to the light as possible. The possibilities are endless, my friend....Good luck finishing your gro, bro....
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                reason most people shy awasy from multiple harvests from one plant is that every time you fert a plant, the soil gets more acidic, so there are constant ph problems, usually with higher salt buildups---but like the X man just said, a couple flo tubes are ideal for clone starting, so they say, i wont know until about a month when i start my first clones--should be an adventure.

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                  A 3' x 4' sq/ft growing area is 12 sq/ft.
                  A good rule of thumb for veg in a growspace that size is 37,500 lumens .
                  160 watts of fluoro's put out 11,500 lumens.

                  I'm not saying that you can't grow pot with that amt. of lumens, but imo you'll do a lot better (faster growth, tighter internodes) with more lumens.


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                    hi Racer,

                    Thanks for the info, muchly appreciated. I think flos would be a lot more economical than another big light, thanks for the tip. Maybe I can convince my hubby to give my clone garden a little space in his gigantic shop. I was wanting to take some clones so I wouldn't have to start over from seed again.

                    I have heard here before that I can expect these plants to double in height once on 12/12... oh great. :-| In my first post I should have stated that the plants are approx. 2-1/2 to 3 ft. tall, but with the pots they are in, they are now 'boob height' which is getting terribly close to 4ft. I just picked up a timer today and am going to start the 12/12 tonight. Walmart was out of rooting hormone, and I was told they are not getting more until the next 'season' which would be next spring. Time to make a trip to the nursery. I have an 8 ft. ceiling in the grow room so I'm not sure how this is going to work out now... obviously the light needs to have some space above the plants.

                    Time will tell what happens with these guys... too bad I can't bonsai them or something LOL. Should have done more trimming on them when they were smaller, live and learn I suppose. I think if I top them now, it would be futile and probably affect the buddage?

                    Maybe next go-round I will try the method of pinning the plants down.. SCROG or SOG or whatever? (I'm still confused about those and will have to read the FAQ's again to get it straight).

                    Thanks again for the info Racer. By the way... you can call me SIS, not BRO. ;-)

                    Have a great day,


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                      Thanks for the calculations, Ranger...and the tips from Philly too. In thinking about this, maybe I should clone the plants and leave them in the grow room, and then when the clones are ready to bud move the big plants out (and ditch the boys). I can see that a person really needs two rooms if they want to do this the right way.. one for vegging and the other for budding. I didn't think I was getting in to this so deeply when I stuck some seeds in a couple of flower pots a couple months ago. LOL

                      It's really nice to see the growth on the plant though, gives one a feeling of accomplishment. :-)

                      Thanks again everyone who responded. I'm deeply grateful for all the knowledge that is shared on this forum, constantly...



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                        Not a prob Sis ... Your experience (growing) sounds similar to mine....start small & expand to suit your needs/expectations.... A few other tips 4 ya- Make sure your flower area is light proof-NO LIGHT LEAKS at all during their 12 hours of rest. This is important ( may occur). At the very least, buy a heavy duty timer....One that can handle your 1000 watt light (amps). A digital timer is best, but the 15 amp mechanical timer will work for now (If there are budget concerns).

                        You could cut the tops your plants to limit your vertical growth (plant will become bushier), or you could also start tieng your girls down. String works best. You may run out of room trying to tie them down (depending on the number of plants & your grow space). If you're using super thrive or some other root growth hormone....stop now. Those girls will be dangerously close to rootbound by harvest time if you leave them in those 5 gal buckets. You don't want them to get rootbound @ day 50 of flower... Remember- 1 gal of pot for every foot in height of growth.... You're gonna be close is all I'm saying.

                        Ranger is correctamundo when it comes to the amount of light I'm using to veg but... I can stop by my grow room often, so I often place one or two plants in the flower chamber for 12 hours of heavy duty light (prop them on boxes to get closer to the light) & then back onto the bench for their last 6 hours.... If that's not possible, a third shop lite (4-ft twin floros)will work, OR, subtract 4 sq.ft (make it 2ft deep instead of 3ft) & keep the plants directly under the light as much as possible. Good luck & keep us posted on your new hobby AND, be extra sweet to hubby for a day or two before you ask for his work bench (to clone & veg).... That always helps
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                          hi Racer and other gurus here,

                          I have had a change of plans after giving my situation some more thought.


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                            Hey Sis,
                            Couple'o questions for ya .. How many plants are in there now & how large is the space? I would not advise trying to get your clones to root under the HPS....too much light. If you're not willing to allocate another small space for flower & veg, then you're stuck with finishing a harvest & then starting all over again....I still think you'll need a small area with (at least) a 2 ft floro- set as close as possible to the top of the clone dome.
                            The MH bulb is okay for vegging, but many will argue that the HPS even outperforms the MH in veg & flower. Hope this helps, good luck.

                            p.s. I'm just a newbie , but I've recently (within the last six mos.) dealt with these issues, so it's fresh in my mind. Besides, everyone here seems to "Pay It Forward" around here...
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                              hi Racer!