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6.5 gallon aeroponic buckets what size water pump?

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  • 6.5 gallon aeroponic buckets what size water pump?

    title sums it up Im going to make a few aeroponi buckets and they will be 6.5 gallon same dimensions as a 5 gallon bucket but square so it adds 1.5 gallons of water.

    I have read and read and read and people seem to vary widely on the sizee of pump needed.

    Im looking at the eco line of pumps I have some good info on them here...

    Im wondering howw importand the amount of water is vs the force of the water?

    I read that those small sprayers only put out around 1 to 10 gph, in fact most like the ones i see used are like 1 to 3 gph.

    So should i be looking for pumps with lower water flow and higher pressure?

    for example is the eco 132 better then the eco 185, less watts and more head pressure?

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    In this instance the pressure is more important as it is what dictates your spray pattern/coverage. You'll want an ecoplus 264 or larger. I don't know those sprayers but ez cloner sprayers are more commonly used. Good luck with your build!