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Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by ShadowWarrior, Nov 26, 2012.

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    12/12 from seed under 400w HPSThese are 3 Blue Chocolate, the one in the rear left I'm pretty sure is a male. The two front center and right I think are both females. The center one definitely is, she started showing pistils yesterday. The front Left and rear center and rear right are JackBerry x Blue Chocolate and all females--100% female from seeds germinated. 2 phenotypes here. One short bushy, early budding, and the two lanky/stretch/ skinny, wispy, probably longer flowering.Soil is Happy Frog with a hardy addition of extra worm castings.All have been topped and fed with Jamaican bat guano, high phosphorous and I'm going to give them small doses of Tiger Bloom.


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    You're going to like the Blue Chocolate, that stuff will make you stupid.
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    I was right. The big lanky Blue Chocolate IS a male, everything else is female.

    I'm thinking of just letting him pollinate everything in there. He's a stronger, more robust male than the last one I had, who's pollen is napping in the freezer. Might just scrap it and keep this one...

    On the other hand, I've got 5 beautiful seeds I made with the last BC male and a super sticky JackBerry. Maybe I'll grow those out and see what I get before deciding.
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    Looking Nice, :popcorn-2:

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