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    Just wanted to add a quick shot of my new $3 world class cloning machine, which is the cheapest and simplest cloner I've ever made. Basically it's just an ice tube tray from walmart, designed to make ice cubes that will go into water bottles. Drill a small hole in the bottom of each tube, and in my case it then fit perfectly into the top of a velveeta storage container that will act as the reservoir. Fill tubes with fine grade vermiculite, add an inch or two of water to the reservoir, and voila! After about 2 minutes the water had already wicked all the way up into the tubes and the verm was wet on top. Add clones and we are rockin' and rollin'! I'm hoping for some success because I want to throw some girls outside for fun and this would really jump start things, but if it fails I will try again! Credit for this design goes to a post I saw over at icmag, not sure if anyone here has tried this idea? Sure beats a perlite cloner as no wicking material required, and MUCH simpler than the cheapo aero cloners I used to build. Let me know what you think guys! View attachment 19353


  2. BarnabyStones

    BarnabyStones Established Healthy Roots

    Well the $3 world class cloner walmart special has turned out to be an incredible device, the first one that i checked has roots! I'm interested to find out my success rate for this batch, will probably give them another day or two.Ultimately 19 of 23 had roots and were transplanted. 2 of the duds were simply poor candidates I had already tossed, the other 2 just didn't take. Transplanted to cups in a mix of FFOF/perlite/verm, after 2 days they're all doing good!


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