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Discussion in 'DIY' started by mytwhyt, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. mytwhyt

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    There it no pump but the drip ring.... It doesn't need a pump in the reservoir because the reservoir is plumbed to the water column.... When the drip ring waters the hydroton the water comes directly from the reservoir....
  2. nippie

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    I know this isn't your system, just explaining the concept i tihnk he's explaining


    when the green triangle pumps the water of second bucket to the first, the water in the buckets are trying to even themselves out so it sucks water from the first back to the second via the orange return line

    same concept, just not rdwc or uc
  3. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    nevermind, sorry, yea I'm lost :roffl:

    not your fault at all, i don't understand the concept of the drip ring things. I;ve seen them for years at the store, but stick to what i know
  4. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Established Healthy Roots

    Not a wf mod..I figure most water contamination comes from the air we feed our plants... I had a few spare filters for my paint mask, so with some double sided tape I added these to my air pump... They draw without any back pressure so don't put an extra load on my pump... I think they might even help... can't hurt...


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  5. friendlyfarmer

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    How does a drip ring act as a pump? Is this an AIRPUMP powered drip ring?
  6. mytwhyt

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    I was taking it for granted that everyone knows the only pump used with WFs is a 24/7 air pump to power the drip ring, which is in its self a water pump....... That's why I keep insisting there is no other pump to move the water.....

    I've never used a drip system with a electric pump.... If i were doing a large layout I no doubt would... This was intended as a WF type grow bucket with attached reservoir... I'm just making one drip ring do two jobs.. Add DO to the water and move it at the same time.. To do that all I did was put a water column in the grow bucket connected to the reservoir... If you'll excuse me.... I have something to do... :BangHead:
  7. friendlyfarmer

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    Prob everyone who has used waterfarm. or has read this thread now :roffl:

    Sorry dude. Never seen this before. I live under a rock ya know?
  8. ResinRubber

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    Too me :eusa_eh: Just a poor confused dirt farmer.:bong-2: But I get the gist of it now. Your continued patience has been much appreciated mytwhyt. Very cool set up btw:redbong:

    So you use an air column to drive a tube much the same way an under-gravel aquarium filter does. That about sum it up?
  9. Mrgreengenes

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    mytwhyt, I think we finally got it. As Resin said your continued patience has been much appreciated. Looking forward to some grow pictures from you. :thumbsup:
  10. skunky

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    Think all he was trying to say is there is no submersible pump that moves the water. Water column is driven by pressure from an air pump.

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    So there is a "pump". I took physics and nothing moves without an outside force being applied. Gravity will even the fluid level in any number of attached containers. So to raise the level in any part of the system pressure has to be applied somewhere to alter the levels, whether it be water or atmospheric. Which requires a device to create pressure, or commonly referred to as a "pump".

    So when you insist on "no pump" we simple minded people (speaking for myself only:roffl:) assume you mean "no pump". Clarity can be the best way to avoid confusion.

    Be Cool, CG
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  12. mytwhyt

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    New scrog screen supportNew scrog screen support, this is another version of what amounts to the same old thing, but different....Lets see if can get through this post without any major missteps....This is for the bubble bucket rdwc and hempy bucket growers..... you'll need a wire tomato cage to use as a support for the scrog screen.... I had some that have 4 legs, after a trip to a nursery i found out they only make three leg tomato cages now...... It's pretty much self explanatory what to do... Cut off 8 of the locking tabs on the lid... 4 locking tabs are easier to get on and off, and still seal well.... For hempy buckets, just cut off the top circle, and bend the upright wires... One thing you can't do is bend the top upright wires at the weld.. They'll break every time.... make the bend about 3/8 inch above the weld... zip ties secure the screen, this one is 24"x 24".... edit:the more i look at the pics, the more i think the bottom circle needs to be cut off when used in a hempy bucket... Didn't mean to wait so long to get back to you CG, at the time it didn't seem that important... you said what i was trying to say,,You're absolutely right about the pump, it was confusing not to be clearer that i meant no electric submersible water pump.... That's what i get for assuming... Don't claim to be the sharpest pencil in the box... But thanks anyway CG, for your backhanded way of helping me get past that particular hurdle.... Such a skill you have, the way you weave fact, sarcasm and wit to elucidate for those in need...... A metal you should get.. I never thought there were any simple minded people here ..... But i must say, i do try to make exceptions for the self proclaimed simple minded..... feel free to drop by if you come up with any more pearls of wisdom, or self improvement hints you feel i may be in need of...... I need all the help i can get... :roffl: Do you get those out of fortune cookies??? .... mmmm, i like fortune cookies....








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  13. blazerwill420

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    That looks very impractical for dwc. I don't want to pick that up every time I have to deal with nutrients. Rdwc or hempy I could see it working.
  14. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Established Healthy Roots

    Sorry if dropping the r got you confused, i'll fix that... like all the other examples in this thread, there is a standing water column and a wf pumping column... Its just under the lid in this instance and it's only job is to circulate the reservoir...

    That's the reservoir next to it...
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  15. ResinRubber

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    I could see a few of those running off one reservoir making for a pretty nifty grow.
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  16. nippie

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    i like that. i cant find my screens that I used to use with hempys and this looks like a nice way to fix that. how did you get the screen to lay straight? doesn't it come rolled? Basically how did you attach..hot glue..zip ties?
  17. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Established Healthy Roots

    This setup i made for a friend... The reservoir has a float valve for use with an add back reservoir that would sit on top of the reservoir if needed... I plan on starting a 3 plant grow within a week... 3 regular waterfarms, one reservoir.. I'll use the regular waterfarms now that i have a chiller... The igloos were just to beat the summer heat.... it's still in the mid 90s*today.... nights mid 60s... The air filter on my air pump is an attempt to eliminate any airborne source of contamination to the reservoir... Any dust, mold or fungus spores get trapped in the filter... It doesn't restrict or place any strain on the pump... Quick install, two sided tape and you're done....edit:The zip ties hold the screen down and flat.. the plastic coated wire is curled when it comes off the roll. it's stiff enough that i can bend the curl out of it and make it lie flat....








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