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Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by Mrgreengenes, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Bigbud214

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    As always another frosty wonderland. They look great buddy.
  2. Mrgreengenes

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    Lemon Berry teaser pictures




  3. Mrgreengenes

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    7 weeks flower

    Well The LB is at 7 weeks flower. and all the plants have semi cloudy trichome's. Looks like the whole table will be ready at 8 weeks.

    I'll drain and refill the reservoir with ph adjusted water. I add Botanicare clearex for 24 hours.

    I'll then drain the res and refill one one time with fresh ph adjusted water and Clearex added for the week flush.


  4. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    Umm yeah that'll do!
  5. ResinRubber

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    Just like that easy as pie.......................you suck.

    Nice job boss. Seriously nice job.
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  7. hupla

    hupla cooking dinner

  8. Mrgreengenes

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    Thanks hupla, Lemon Berry was and is a great strain!:redbong:
  9. DXE

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    I am humbled - just went and looked at my lemonberry - I thought mine looked awesome - you ARE the man......

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    looks great Mr G :thumbsup:

    Be Cool, CG
  11. Mrgreengenes

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