5 weeks veg, bag seeds, 400W MH

Discussion in 'The Growkind Gallery' started by Erin Kerrik, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    First grow, 400W Hortilux blue MH (to be changed to HPS upon 12/12), Fox Farm's Ocean Forrest potting soil, first three weeks in lesser quality potting soil & MG fert every other water, no fertilzer since, Super Thrive B1/hormone supplement in watering last few weeks. Five plants, 3 some sort of sativa-dominant strain; 2 from a grower of Blueberry who seems to have hermed the plant or left a male there, being it had a few seeds.

    Pic #1: one week ago
    Pic #2: one week ago, after initiating LST
    Pic #3: plants today. Turned stems of LST around 180 degrees to encourage even filling out
    Pics #4 & #5: close ups of the jungle that's appeared since LSTing plants28.1.jpg




  2. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    Pic #1: One of the Blueberries. Have caught up in height to the LST sativas over the last week. 8 nodes now, same for the sativas.Pic #2: Two of the plants were a bit thirsty while I snapped the mug shotsPic #3: Another close-up of some of the LST-influenced secondary branching






  3. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    From today; 5.5 weeks old, went to 12/12 Friday.1. Pic with flash2. Secondary growth on one of the indicas3. One of the sativas showing her sex already






  4. -=|[Chronnor]|=-

    -=|[Chronnor]|=- Developed Alternating Nodes

    do you think those plants are done vegging? they still look like they could go for a little longer.
  5. Mrgreenjeans

    Mrgreenjeans Administrator

    do you have alternating nodes? otherwise they look very healthy:)
  6. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    -=|[]|=- - Grow needs to be done by mid-Sept. Would otherwise have vegged longer.

    Mr GJ - The sativa dominants have a few side-shoots with alternating nodes, but not any main stems.
  7. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    Got rid of two males ... left with the female sativa-dom in the middle and two blueberries, one of who is a she and the other of which has not yet shown sex.


  8. -=|[Chronnor]|=-

    -=|[Chronnor]|=- Developed Alternating Nodes

    right on then, looks good
  9. jwmoregon

    jwmoregon Full Flowering

    Erin I'd go all the way w/ that horti blue...
  10. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    Oh no! Overwatering? The indica doms have taken all the water I give them, think the sativa dom is a bit less thirsty.


  11. donny

    donny Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    gotta watch the watering
  12. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    Actually, I had never seen them in the am after the lights went off. Seems the plants sag each dark period. Virgin grower and all.Here is last night. The sativa is starting to bud up at 11 days 12/12, only 4-6 flowers on the indica (unpictured) so far.




  13. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    Got the soil pH below 7 by watering with 15 ml hydrochloric acid three or four days ago.Today is 2 weeks flower under 12/12. They've eagerly taken all the nutes they're given, but today watered just with 4ml Thrive Alive and 1 tsp H2O2.48 bud sites on the sativa, only six single flowers on the blueberry so far.




  14. Erin Kerrik

    Erin Kerrik Veggy Stage

    Two fem finalists. here they are.





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